Aston Martin Lagonda | Four-Door and Bespoke

Aston Martin is going to release Lagonda! Four-door bespoke, super high performance sedan. And Lagonda will be only available to Middle East, because they can afford to buy! Similar to One-77 project, Aston Martin Lagonda will be very limited and exclusive. 
I am assuming, the engine will be based on the existing V12 engine and it may share the same platform with Aston Martin Rapide S. And I am wishing that Lagonda will not have any resemblance with the Rapide S or any other existing Aston Martin model. However, based on the photos the front-end of the Lagonda will not be that different than the Rapide S!
From the left side, Lagonda looks really nice and I can clearly say, it is planning to compete with Bentley FlyingSpur, Porsche Panamera Turbo S and some of the Mercedes AMG models. As Aston Martin did not release any spec details, I cannot say good or bad. However, based on their existing technological abilities, Lagonda may not offer the same state-of-art technology like a Porsche or a Mercedes. Don’t expect Lagonda to stop by itself and give you a back massage!

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Aston Martin