New Volkswagen Polo Safety Features

I know you are looking for new Volkswagen Polo safety features, a little bird told me this (Google Analytics and it is not little!). And I have placed the all safety feature videos of the new Volkswagen Polo. 
By the way, it is a facelift of the existing Volkswagen Polo don’t get excited that much! And what I think about new Polo’s safety features? Amazing! Even though, Polo does not offer blind spot assist feature, the new safety features are really exciting and definitely safe your and other peoples’ lives. And buy all these safety features, it will be fun to use them as well. 
You may check the engine specs and other features from the Volkswagen’s website. Why I didn’t write them here? They are too long. Also don’t mingle with other drivers while driving. Last bit, don’t buy manual gearbox it is old technology. 7-speed dual clutch automatic is way better ;)

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