BMW i8 Review by XCAR

BMW i8 is the future of automotive industry for the following decades. Combination of electric engine with a tiny internal combustion engine and you can charge it at home. This is not something really special. Toyota made it long time ago without the plug-in function but it never managed to be a cool car!
The main reason, if you are planning to introduce an innovative propulsion system, use innovative technology with rest of the car! BMW i8 made it! Carbon-fibre chassis, a design that turns a Ferrari into Honda Civic and state-of-art emission levels!
Unfortunately, I didn’t have the change to drive a BMW i8. Why? It is too complicated and long store. However, Alex Goy from the XCAR YouTube channel managed to drive a BMW i8! And why I share it here? Because, I trust his reviews on car, even though we don’t share my opinions about cars :)
Sorry for the photos, I was too lazy to find BMW i8’s photos. These are from the Louis Vuitton’s limited collection for the i8. Louis Vuitton is not included to price!

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