Kia | Istanbul not Constantinople #KiaYourCity from Twitter, Facebook and Google+ (Updated)

Few hours ago, Kia’s Worldwide Google+ ( and Facebook ( accounts released a photo  under the #KiaYourCity campaign on social media. Nothing really special or unusual with this, however Kia shared a Kia C’eed photo that was taken in Istanbul, Turkey. Nothing unusual with this as well. I have just noticed that Kia shared the same content their Twitter (@Kia_Motors) account as well! ( The surprising point was the label; 

“#ceed‪ in #Istanbul (not Constantinople) #Turkey #KiaYourCity #Kia”.  

Istanbul is used to be called as Constantinople. However, it is changed from Constantinople to Istanbul officially after the Turkish Republic was established. Despite this fact, Constantinople is still preferred by some people. For me that’s fine, I never argue about these things. Despite my calm approach to this, many people try to correct when someones says Constantinople to Istanbul. And it is quite interesting to spot this debate on Kia’s Google+ and Facebook pages.
The background of this lies on the history of Ottoman Empire and Byzantium. It is a subject that should not be discussed on a blog like this. However, I am really surprised to see this label on Kia’s website. And I don’t know whether it is generated by a user and shared by Kia or Kia generated it.
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