Louis Vuitton Fall 2014 Campaign with Maserati Boomerang | Tyres!

Louis Vuitton recently used an iconic and also tend to break down Maserati Boomerang for the Fall 2014 campaign. However, I noticed something on the photos! And I assume many people did not even notice this.

Maserati Boomerang is not equipped with the same tread patterns of tyres! I know this does not sound unusual for many people but for road safety, each tyres of the vehicle should have the same tread pattern. However, this Boomerang has a semi-slick front tyres and rear tyres seem to have a old-school winter tyre.

What do these things mean? Basically, this car will understeer heavily on wet roads due to semi-slick front tyres and control will be really hard. And on dry roads, it will understeer due to lack of friction at the rear tyres when it is compared to semi-slick front tyres.

Understeer means, you won’t have a control on front wheels this leads to lose the control on front-end and crash to a tree. Oversteer means, you won’t control the rear-end and crash to a tree. In both case, you will crash to a tree, so be careful!

With this article, I managed to harmonise a luxury fashion brand with tyre tread patterns, well done to me :)

Photo Credit
Loius Vuitton