Louis Vuitton iPhone 4/4S Cases

Louis Vuitton iPhone 4 case, these words are a bit contradicting! Such as hot ice! In terms of language, it is possible but literally impossible in real life. Louis Vuitton is a brand of LVMH group and has a very long years of heritage on fashion industry. And we all know the iPhone 4 and 4S! Nearly four-year old technology and probably the slowest devices to run IOS 7 and IOS 8 will not be running on them.
Is it possible to buy a iPhone 4? No! But you can still buy iPhone 4S for £349 in UK and rest of the world, the price is around the same radius. I am not saying, iPhone 4S is a bad phone or don’t buy it. If you are looking for a very well made smart phone with a glass back, go for the iPhone 4S but only, if you are going to use it for simple things! Otherwise, you will get really crazy.
Why I am talking about the iPhone 4S on a topic related with Louis Vuitton. Because, Louis Vuitton is still offering iPhone 4 cases (iPhone 4 and 4S have the same form factor). There are four different types of them and they are all priced at £185! More than half of the price of a brand new iPhone 4S. 
The interesting point, do people still buy iPhone 4S and at the same time, can afford to buy a Louis Vuitton? Because, iPhone 4S is the entry product for the Apple’s mobile phone product segment. Someone who is heading for entry level product is either looking only for iPhone 4S or cannot afford to buy iPhone 5C or 5S. This makes the market margin for the Louis Vuitton to sell iPhone 4 cases to a very very niche market. 
As I told you, Louis Vuitton is a part of LVMH group and they know how to do business! And I am sure there are some people on earth, buying or using iPhone 4/4S and afford to consume Louis Vuitton at the same time.
Last point, how can you use iPhone 4 or 4S nowadays? It is very very slow. If you don’t update it, nothing will be running! But iPhone 4 was a ground-breaking device on 2010! And please don’t buy the one with huge LV logo, please…
iPhone 4/4S Case Damier Ebene Canvas

iPhone 4/4S Case Monogram Canvas
iPhone 4/4S Damier Infini
iPhone 4/4S Case Damier Graphite Canvas
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