Mercedes S600 What? The New Mercedes S600 Guard

The new Mercedes S600 Guard. S600 What? Guard means bullet proof in terms of Mercedes branding. Mercedes S600 Guard is one of the most common bullet proof cars on the market. It is usually preferred by prime minister, posers, unsocial people, people who are paranoid and etc. Basically, if you have some problems in your social life, S600 Guard is your car!
S600 Guard provides VR9 protection level like its competitors, if you want something safer, go buy a tank! It has extra oxygen reserver, fire extinguisher, hydraulic windows, all Mercedes S-Class safety systems, air suspension. And the most important things, flashing lights. I really love those flashing lights, that is the only reason for me to buy a S600 Guard.
S600 is powered by a V12 petrol engine with 530 hp and 870 nM of torque and coupled with 7-speed automatic. The top speed is limited 210 km/h and consumes lots of fuel. 

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