Why You Should Buy a Volvo XC90 Instead of a Range Rover?

Volvo revealed the new XC90 after 12 years. It was very long product life-cycle but during this 12 years, Volvo was owned by Ford and then sold and Chinese bought it, they invested and etc. So, after the ups and downs, here is the latest Volvo XC90! And why you should buy a Volvo XC90 instead of a Range Rover?

Because, Volvo XC90 has a better build interior. Interior parts of the XC90 is better made than a Range Rover, this can be identified by the gaps between the panels. Also, the materials used inside the XC90 is high quality than the Range Rover and more importantly, XC90 has less plastic interior than the Range Rover. But Range Rover is not a bad car, just not as good as a XC90.

Also, XC90 can drive by itself at stop and go traffic but Range Rover cannot do this. Furthermore, XC90 can understand a potential accident and brake by itself but Range Rover cannot do this as well.

XC90 looks better than the Range Rover but some people may find the XC90 too conservative and head to Range Rover for its posh and posing exterior.

XC90 offer e-drive system. This means, XC90 houses a 2-lt four cylinder petrol engine with electric motor. This combination generates 400 HP with 60 g/km CO2 emission. This means in UK, no road tax and no congestion charge in London. Literally, you can go around London and pay nothing. Unfortunately, Range Rover loves to consume any type of fuel and hybrid version is nothing closer to 60 g/km emission level.

XC90 literally offers off-road capability to climb a pavement and that’s all. However, Range Rover offers an off-road technology to conqure another country. However, the Range Rover owners are be aware of this capability and Range Rover is limited with their ability.

Overall, except the off-road capabilities, Volvo XC90 offers better features with a conservative design that will not let you the VIP entrance at any Mayfair nightclub! However, you will be driving the most highly technological SUV on the market.

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