New Land Rover Discovery Sport

New Land Rover Discovery Sport is revealed few minutes ago. I have uploaded all photos available on Land Rover’s press database. I will cover the topic later today.
Here is the new Discovery or something between Range Rover Evoque, Range Rover Sport and a bit Freelander? Probably yes! After the Range Rover Evoque, Land Rover moved away from its masculine and utilitarian look and focused on designing off road vehicle that have a very high resemble with fashion items (Such as hand bags!). Despite this resemblance, many people liked the Evoque and the new Range Rover range. 
However, I was not expecting to see a Discovery that is designed for arriving to a Mayfair club instead of conquering a mountain. However, Land Rover removed all utilitarian design DNA and created a Discovery that vanishes the previous generations. 
Why they did it? Because, there is a new design team and a new designer director. But I was not expecting to see a very radical design change with the Discovery but they made it and I didn’t like it. Discovery was one of my favourite off road vehicles but with this design, the essence has gone far away. And soon to see new Discovery at out closet posh club.
Anyway, Discovery Sport is powered by a 2.2-lt turbo diesel with 190 HP with 9-speed automatic. Also, Discovery Sport will be used for transporting people to Virgin Galactic ships at the space port in USA. Now we can clearly understand the target audience!

Photos Credits
Land Rover