The Vogue Editors Go To Fashion Week vs. Laws of Physics

British Vogue magazine recently revealed a YouTube video that explains their moments during the London Fashion Week, The Vogue Editors Go To Fashion Week vs. Laws of Physics. I started to watch the video and as usual, it started with a lovely Range Rover (I don’t like the new Range Rover). Nothing wrong with this, even though Range Rover literally has ageing high tech gadgets. 
The Range Rover started to pick-up editors, of course the driver picked them up. Range Rover cannot drive by itself. And when they started the journey, I noticed that none of the British Vogue editors were wearing their seat belts. I know in London, the average speed of travelling is like 20-30 km/h. And they are seating at the rear seats! 
However, laws of physics do apply to all of us! Regardless of our speed, title or seat position. It is very simple, if an object rapidly decelerates, our body cannot cope with the huge amount of g-force and we hit to object that is in front of us. And this is called an accident, consequences of rapid deceleration. 
I can imagine their work load during the London Fashion Week, however they are still in public road, they are not escorted like in annual UN meeting. And also, many people perceive them as a role-model, therefore I would highly suggest British Vogue team to wear their seat belts. 
Never forget, airbags are designed to be working effectively when the seat belts are on!