Chrysler Ypsilon vs. High Heels

According to Chrysler (Lancia) in UK, a woman spends around £168 per month to look good. This can be extended more precisely; beauty products, shoes, clothes, magazines and lots of etc. From the advertisement, Chrysler (Lancia) is trying to give a message to women for substituting their high-heeled shoes for Chrysler (Lancia) Ypsilon. Chrysler Ypsilon vs. high heels is a big challenge!

Will it work? Of course not! Based on my experiences with fashion industry and blogger, women can live without a car but cannot live with a pair heels! Basically, women will not sacrifice to look good just for Ypsiolon.

Meanwhile, Lancia’s future is very unclear and Fiat Group may vanish the brand all of a sudden. That’s another risk as well. Lastly, Fiat is marketing Lancia under the Chrysler brand in UK. I really don’t know why.