My iPhone 6 Doesn’t Bend!

My iPhone 6 doesn’t bend! Yes, that’s true, my Apple iPhone 6 does not bend. I am sure you would be ¬†wondering why? And the my answer is very simple, I don’t try to bend it.

I do know that, many people experienced a traumatic moments with their iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus phones when they were bended. I cannot imagine the shocking moment, when you realise that your brand new iPhone does not look okay!

However, I am not shocked with this. The main reasons for my calm approach is, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are made from aluminium and this material is not well-known for its strength. Also, why you would put your iPhone into your back pocket? We are not living in 1990s! There are not more Ericsson 388 or Nokia 6110! iPhone and other devices are really fragile, they are not designed for brutality. But, still iPhone can bend! I don’t deny this fact.

The interesting point with the bend gate with iPhone is the YouTube videos. I watched most of the YouTube videos including the Unbox Therapy channel. Their common point; everyone is trying to bend the iPhone 6 with too much power. Why they do it? Very simple! Advertisement money.

Just check the iPhone 6 bending videos, they all have lots of advertisements and those advertisements bring real money to channel owners, such as Unbox Therapy. Before the bend gate incident, I have never watched that channel. However, the bend gate boosted the Unbox Therapy channel’s popularity. Also, extended their bank accounts. The bending video is watched by more than 50-million people! You do the calculation.

Additionally, the way they bend the iPhones were not scientific. May be the Unbox Therapy team is a member of a gym for last ten years! But the video fuelled the curiosity. Apple did not respond well to this issue, and more people posted similar videos.

At the end, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus can bend but why you would bend a smart phone on purpose? Just show more love to your iPhone!