New Aston Martin Vanquish at W-One London Dealer

The new Aston Martin Vanquish, I managed to spot one at W-One London dealer. W-One is one of the most exclusive dealers of Aston Martin and placed at the heart of the London, few metres from Hyde Park and just behind the Mayfair. W-One Aston Martin is the right place to buy an Aston Martin, similar to buying an Apple from an Apple Store!

The new Aston Martin Vanquish is not that new, we all know that. Because, Aston Martin is not yet bought by a huge German car company and has lots of money to develop new cars. However, Aston Martin are playing the texture of their cars and introduce improved models. The new Vanquish still offers the same Ford made V12 engine and still some of the interior parts are the same as the DB9 from 2004! However, the story does not end here.

The new Vanquish offers a revised version of the existing V12 with 576 HP and 630nm of torque. Now, it accommodates a brand new 8-speed automatic transmission called Touchtronic III. And only needs 3.8 seconds to reach 100 km/h with the top speed of 324 km/h! For a GT car, 324 km/h is a very serious speed!

In addition to these, the interior offers lots of touch sensitive buttons and new knobs! It feels like a new car and also seat ventilation is now available. And unfortunately, you have to adjust your steering-wheel manually. Because, the electric steering-wheel adjust costs lots of money to develop and adapt to regulations. And again unfortunately, Aston Martin still offers a CD player! That’s a retro technology.

Just ignore the all negative bits, Aston Martin uses the same platform and engine for more than a decade and manufactures cars on similar platforms. What does it mean? They have a great know-how about their cars and each new car is an improved version. Similar Porsche 911 or Mercedes G-Wagon, Aston Martin is becoming a company that is improving the same for decades and decades. That’s not a bad thing! You will be a buying a perfection (almost).

Should you go and buy an Aston Martin instead of a Ferrari or Lamborghini or Porsche 911 Turbo S? I think yes. Because, Aston Martin became more unique and exclusive. People don’t prefer Aston Martin, I mean the people who are trying to show off. They would be saying, Aston Martin looks the same for last one decade and they can’t show off your wealth. And that’s why you should an Aston Martin! But please don’t rev-up the engine when you are in city centre!

W-One Aston Martin Dealer

Aston Martin Vanquish