Kate Upton | Game of War Athena Character

Game of War with Kate Upton. You didn’t read it wrong! Kate Upton features at the most advertised mobile game on smart phones. I am sure you saw the ads of Game of War on your smart phone and ignored it like me.

However, now you have a very solid reason to download the app (or get the app with the latest iTunes correction). Because, Kate Upton is the Athena character on the Game of War game! In addition to this, Kate Upton featured on the YouTube video and their PR campaigns.

Thanks to multiplier effect of Kate Upton, the Game of War will become viral and shared on social media and you can see the results whilst reading this blond and checking the photos. Personally, I don’t play games for ages, and I rarely talk about games on my social media platforms. When I saw the Kate Upton with the Game of War, I decided to cover the topic!

And I won’t surprised to a game of Kate Upton on iTunes!


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