Mercedes-Maybach S600 is Revealed!

Mercedes-Maybach S600 is revealed now. Even though, I am not a fan of S-Class’s design but I really liked the Mercedes-Maybach. The brand sounds a bit funny, Mercedes-Maybach but this is a result of the Mercedes’s branding strategy, Mercedes-AMG and Mercedes-Maybach. Anyway, people will call it Maybach S600! And the branding issue will be resolved.
The new Maybach seems to offer better exterior and interior design than the previous Maybach. However, it is still is not as high as the Rolls Royce Phantom! Therefore, I may consider the Mercedes-Maybach as a true competitor of Bentleys and Rolls Royce Ghost. 
Maybach will benefit from the Mercedes’s high-tech gadgets and also it will be the next under the radar car for rich people who don’t wish to create an impression of being rich! At the end of the day, it is a Mercedes (Most people will think like this).
Last note, Mercedes-Maybach does share the same interior design, however Maybach model offers more luxurious details than the standard model. Similar to standard more and Mercedes-AMG model.

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