Rolls-Royce #InsideRollsRoyce Exhibition at Saatchi Gallery London

Rolls-Royce #InsideRollsRoyce exhibition at Saatchi Gallery London started two days ago. And I had chance to attend at the first day. So, is it possible to create an art exhibition from a car. For many people, car is an object that allows them to travel from a to b. However, this is a limited definition. And when it comes to Rolls-Royce, purchasing a car is bespoke journey and a to b concept does not match with this brand.
Most of the Rolls-Royce cars you see on the street are bespoke, basically, it is extremely hard to find an two identical Rolls-Royces. You might be saying, I saw two white Rolls-Royces yesterday. However, did you check their paint code? They may look white but they won’t have the same white tone. The bespoke approach with Rolls-Royce starts with the colour scheme (44.000 different colours) and finishes with your imagination that is possible to manufacture. Basically, when you decide to purchase a Rolls-Royce, you decide to have a bespoke purchasing journey.
As a result of this unique character of Rolls-Royce, it is a great opportunity to  know more about the brand. Unfortunately, society perceives luxury vehicles as an expensive purchase but the reality is totally different. Therefore, if you wish to know more about the Rolls-Royce heritage, you should visit the Saatchi Gallery until Sunday. And it is free to public!
Regarding to umbrellas, each Rolls-Royce comes with a pair of umbrella matching with the exterior colour of the car.