Audi S1 from London Mayfair Digital Showroom

Today I continue with Audi family, S1, I was really curious to see this tiny car. And hopefully, I managed to spot one at Audi’s Digital Showroom at Mayfair, London. Audi S1 is a really tiny and charming car. It is powered by a 2-lt TFSI 230 HP and 370 nm of torque.

The exciting part is the Quattro all-wheel drive system! And unfortunately, it is coupled with a six-speed manual. It should have been a S-Tronic double clutch! However, the rear suspension is a proper multi-link suspension and provide better grip.

I really like the Audi S1 despite the pre-histroic manual transmission. I guess, if you are looking for a small, fast and invisible car the S1 will be the perfect choice. It really well built inside as well. And it does not show off like its competitors.

Actually, I really like the S1 and three-door version looks cool as well!