Bentley Bentayga | What is Bentayga

Bentley announced the name of its SUV, it is Bentayga. And what is Bentayga? Bentayga name comes from Roque Bentayga from Gran Canaria in the Atlantic. When you Google Roque Bentayga, you will see a very rough mountain. However, Bentley’s SUV would never be able to reach that peak, actually without differential locks and low-range gearbox Bentley Bentayga will only be able to reach the highest shopping centre on earth and that’s all!

Despite the lack of off road abilities of Bentley Bentayga, most of the customers will not be bothered with this. And also the lovely Range Rover will be losing its poshness after the Bentley Bentayga. At the moment, the Range Rover is the pinnacle of the luxury SUV. However after Bentley Bentayga, Range Rover will be relatively more affordable and many people will be rushing to Bentley Bentayga.

Also, we will be seeing lots of Bentley Bentayga on music videos. Footballers will be buying, lottery winners will be buying and lots of customers from rich parts of the world will have a Bentley Bentayga regardless of its design. Because, Bentley revealed a SUV concept few years ago and it was a catastrophe!

If you ordered one, you know the design. If you cannot order one, just wait and you will see one.