Range Rover Holland & Holland Edition | Canon 50 mm f 1.8

Range Rover Holland & Holland long-wheel base edition, I spotted this brand new Range Rover at Stratstone’s Mayfair, London dealer. And decided to approach from a Canon 50mm f 1.8 lens. This lens provide a unique photography option even at low-ligh conditions. And with f 1.8 aperture value, you will get lots of blur background but you need to be careful with this.

Range Rover Holland & Holland edition is the most luxurious Range Rover ever made, it is made by Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations. Despite being long-wheel base, Holland & Holland edition does not look that long. Inside the Range Rover, there are lots of leathers and all optional features are standard to improve luxury experience. The boot has a special storage! The best part of the Holland & Holland is the reclining seats at the rear. These seats can recline up to 17-degree, that’s a lot. Believe me and you can easily fall asleep. Actually, I really love reclining seats at the rear and it is really hard to get one! You can have it with Mercedes-Maybach, optional with Rolls Royce Phantom and standard with Range Rover Holland & Holland edition.

This comparison leads to price tag! Range Rover Holland & Holland edition is £180,000! And very expensive for an SUV, however if you are planning to buy Mercedes-Maybach or Rolls Royce, this price tag can be reasonable. However, you need to think again. If you wish to have all these luxury items without the Holland & Holland edition on a Range Rover long-wheel base, you will save around £40,000. And if you are planning to save money on a luxury car, you would probably will never buy a Range Rover.

Range Rover Holland & Holland long-wheel base edition’s technical details are; it is either powered by a 4.4-lt 334 HP SDV8 diesel engine or 5-lt 503 HP supercharged petrol engine with 8-speed automatic gearbox. And keep in mind, Range Rover’s are not light!