Audi Quattro with No Road Tax and Congestion Charge

Audi Quattro with no road tax and no congestion charge. If you are not living in London, you have no idea what I am talking about. In London, if you car emits more than 75g/km CO2, you need to pay the congestion charge fee £11.50. And there are very few cars that are exempt for this lovely tax. And today, I found another car that is exempt from road tax, congestion charge or anything else.

The solution I found is relatively a smaller car than the average. It does offer Quattro, it does have state-of-art of ESP and traction control systems, the brakes are as strong as your feet. And also, it is very very light. In addition, it does offer all Audi character from top to bottom. Horsepower? Actually it depends on the food you just ate and your visits to gym!

The only issue with this car, it is for kids but available to buy at Audi’s Mayfair showroom.