Sexy Business Style Combination from Porsche Design

Porsche Design Office Dress

What to wear for the work? Here is the solution for a sexy business style combination from Porsche Design! Pencil skirt and cable sweater top!

Porsche Design is a design studio under the Porsche brand and they create products with the Porsche design language. You may remember the Porsche Design from Adidas stores. However, Porsche Design is way beyond the Adidas trainers segment. In last few years, Porsche Design extended the brand into women fashion line.

However, women fashion industry is really competitive and it is really hard to create an emotional bond with women consumers for the Porsche Design. The main reason, on that price range ladies may find better fashion lines. In addition, some ladies may find Porsche Design too masculine! Despite the facts, Porsche Design is going for the women fashion. And here is the style combination!

Cable Sweater
Pencil Skirt

Photos Credits
Porsche Design