Facts and Photos of Audi RS3 from Mayfair, London

The Audi RS3. It is finally here. More precisely it is at the Audi Mayfair branch! As we all expected, the RS model of the Audi A3 arrived a bit late to compete with the Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG. But it was worth the wait, definitely a better car. You might be wondering, to what extent is the RS3 better than the A45 AMG?

I won’t be talking about how the RS3 drives better than the A45 AMG or vice-versa. Both of them are front-biased all-wheel drive cars and when you push them, both of these cars will have a tendency to under-steer. However, the difference with regard to the RS3 is in the interior build quality.

As many car manufacturers admit, Audi has the best interior production quality. Basically, Audi’s interior looks amazing, and you experience a premium feeling. And the story is the same with the RS3, in that it offers a great interior that will exceed your expectations.

In addition, the RS3 offers pre-crash systems and the other driving assistance systems that are available in other Audi models. Whilst enjoying the powerful 370 HP engine, Audi will do its best to keep you out of any trouble. Moreover, I cannot ignore the legendary all-wheel drive system Quattro. An Audi without Quattro is not a real Audi as far as I am concerned, and the RS3 offers a dynamic rear-differential to reduce the front-biased drive train.

Lastly, the RS3 looks amazing! And it is not extremely expensive to own. It is still more expensive than many other cars, but the RS3 offers 367 HP and 465 Nm from 2.5-lt 5-cylinder petrol engine, 7-speed DSG and Quattro! Also, RS3 offers LED headlight as well! Only needs 4.3 seconds to reach 100km/h and top speed is 250 km/h but you can upgrade it to 280 km/h!

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