Review: Sherpa | Trouble on Everest Movie

Sherpa | Trouble on Everest movie. I was thinking how extremely hard it is to achieve this journey by people, as they claim they climbed the mountain.

When I watched the movie Sherpa, we see the reality behind climbing Everest, such as the real people behind the journey, who help climbers reach the peak of the Everest. The tour operators, climbers, and the Sherpa. Sherpa is named for the people who guide climbers to reach the peak of the Everest. Each climber should be escorted with a Sherpa. However, Sherpas don’t make a lot of money, and they experience very tough working conditions. Unfortunately, the climbers are also not very friendly with them.

This movie shows us the what is really happening behind the climbing experience that does not appear on the news. The emotional impact of the tragic accident that killed 16 people is expressed perfectly. You feel the disappointment of the climbers, the panic of the tour operators and what Sherpas experienced after the accident and how they defended their rights.

Sherpa Trouble on Everest is a must-see movie to see reality beyond our modern life.

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Sherpa (2015) Official Trailer from Felix Media on Vimeo.