Bulgari Wrist Watch Collection

A few months ago, I had the chance to attend to the Bulgari’s press day for their latest wristwatch collection. I am not an expert on wristwatches, but I like the engineering behind the watches, especially the automatics ones. For some people, watches only show the time, but the process of showing accuracy at any time takes serious engineering. Nowadays, you can overcome this issue by a quartz movement that you can find anywhere. However, quartz watches are not truly a watch. They are an affordable alternative to automatic watches.

Bulgari has harmonised Greek and Italian DNA into its design philosophy with their latest collection. Also, this is coupled with the engineering background. Although automatic watches are an older technology, they are evolving all the time.

It was my first pure wristwatch press day, and I did my best to get the photos, but it was really hard!

Bulgari Watches 1

Bulgari Watches 20

Bulgari Watches 25

Bulgari Watches 26

Bulgari Watches 29

Bulgari Watches 32

Bulgari Watches 35

Bulgari Watches 36

Bulgari Watches 38

Bulgari Watches 41

Bulgari Watches 47