VW Phideon

The VW Phaeton was getting old and wasn’t performing well on the annual sales figures. Everyone was expecting to see something new to replace the Phaeton and here it is the Roman goddess of fidelity, Phideon. This time VW decided to shift to Ancient Roman rather than the Ancient Greek.

Unfortunately, Phideon cannot achieve the success of the ancient Romans on the automotive market. It will be replacing the Phaeton only in Chinese market, which is very far away from the Rome! Literally, if you fall in love with the Phideon, there is no chance you can own one if you live outside of China!

Here are some facts;

  1. The innovative PHIDEON is positioned above the Passat and the Magotan (don’t know what it is!), which is available in China.
  2. The five metre saloon car is characterised by an extremely elegant yet simultaneously dynamic body design (We designed to make it look expensive to charge premium price!).
  3. With its charismatic front end, the PHIDEON paves the way for the future design of Volkswagen’s top-of-the-range saloons (The charismatic front and profile designs resemble a lot with the KIA K9, so we were hit but the budget cuts!).
  4. The new PHIDEON was developed in Germany with the assistance of VW’s Chinese partner SAIC Volkswagen. It will be launched in China in the third quarter of 2016.
  5. The saloon will be offered with high-efficiency TSI engines (turbocharged petrol engines) and a plug-in hybrid drive is also planned (Even the Bugatti Veyron is TSI!).
  6. In Geneva, Volkswagen will unveil the flagship model in the series: the four-wheel drive PHIDEON 3.0 TSI 4MOTION with 300 PS (People will end up with 1.4-TSI front-wheel version due its premium price tag) .
  7. This high-tech PHIDEON is the first Volkswagen to use a camera-based night vision system (Everyone -including the Audi- had the night vision, we had to have it).
  8. The interior is tailored perfectly to the needs of the driver, with the PHIDEON’s luxurious rear passenger compartment also making it an ideal chauffeur-driven limousine (It was easier -more affordable- to say this rather than making a long-wheel base version).
  9. The PHIDEON is the first Volkswagen to be based on the Modular Longitudinal Matrix (MLB) (We worked on MLB for a decade!).

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Photo Credits | VW