Christian Louboutin Samotresse

It is all Greek to me. Christian Louboutin revealed their next season’s collection and I noticed a pair of high heeled sandals – Samotresse – that stand out from the crowd. The wings of the Samotresse are not placed in such a way as to improve the aerodynamic efficiency of the sandal, they are placed in such a way as to emphasise the Greek identity of the heels. The Samotresse sandal  is inspired by Greek mythology and there is nothing better than a pair of wings to show this.

Unlike other Louboutin heels, they are only 10-cm high, and I assume that this is not considered to be high heels for many Louboutin fans!

Despite the relatively short high heels, the Samotresse will be a trend setter.

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Photo Credits | Christian Louboutin and Net-A-Porter

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