BMW 740e iPerformance

It is finally here. A plug-in BMW 7-Series, BMW 740e iPerformance. I know some of you are really excited and some of you would never think of owning one. If you live in London or live in a country with a very high tax bracket for larger engines, this car will be your favourite.

Unlike the Mercedes-Benz S500e, the BMW 740e iPerformance offers an all-wheel drive option! It is called the 740Le xDrive. Also, BMW is nearly 200-kg lighter! THAN WHAT? Regarding the all-wheel drive, the short-wheel base is stuck with a rear-wheel drive.

Let’s discuss the numbers. The rest of the car is like the normal BMW 7-Series. The 740e is powered by a 2-lt TwinTurbo petrol engine with 258HP and 400 nm (you can find the same engine inside a MINI Cooper S) and the electric motor generates 113 HP and 250 nm. The combination of these two engines generate 326 PS and 500 nm. The engines are coupled with an 8-speed automatic gearbox. The 0-100 km/h acceleration is 5.4 sec (5.3 for the xDrive) and the top speed is limited to 250 km/h!

The range of electric drive is around 44 – 48 km (41 – 45 km xDrive). In terms of CO2 emissions, if you live in London you will love these values! 45-50 gr (49 – 56 gr for xDrive). Consumption is 2 – 2.2-lt (2.1 – 2.5-lt xDrive). These values are really impressive!

How long does the 740e need for charging? Only 4 hours with your house plug and 3 hours with the BMW iWall! The battery capacity is 9.2 kWh.

The rest of the 740e iPerformance is the same as the normal 7-Series. Is it worth buying? If you love V8 engines, you will never ever like this car. However, if you would like to enjoy the BMW 7-Series and don’t worry with the taxes, this is the perfect car for you.

To be honest, I would go for a 740Le xDrive iPerformance. It offers everything you need from semi-autonomous driving to high tech driving assistance systems to all-drive system and super exciting consumption figures. I know the 7-Series is a massive car, but it will be a great ride for long journeys.

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Photo Credits | BMW