Driving a Hyper Car Everyday: McLaren P1 Go Hiramatsu

Is possible to use a hyper car every day from home to work? Yes, it is. The solution, you buy a McLaren P1. Drive it everyday. Drive home. Drive to work! Despite my all efforts to influence you, I don’t think you consider this as a real possibility. Commuting with a hyper car everyday is like running the 1500 metres at the Olympics in a pair of high heels. Despite this awkward example, Go Hiramatsu from Japan commutes daily in his McLaren P1.

What ever you do with your daily commute, Go Hiramatsu does the same with a McLaren P1! Honestly, that’s the point of owing a hyper car. If you can’t use it for your commute, why did you buy it! The good thing about the P1 is that it can be driven by electric power. So, you will not be wrestling with the exhaust noise all the time.

The other advantage is the ergonomics of the interior. P1 is really designed to be driven everyday. Even though the seating position is quite low for a lower centre of gravity, the comfort level and the ergonomics are perfect. Thanks to its suspension system, P1 is not harsh on you when it comes to the daily commute. However, there is no Apple Car Play function, no extensive driving assistance systems and the boot space is very limited. If you can cope with these, you can commute in a hyper car!

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Photo Credits | McLaren Automotive