Formulr App #StartUp

Formulr, is a new mobile app that started up in London. Unlike other start ups, Formulr recalled my childhood memories of Formula 1, Le Mans and the World Rally Championship. This app was like a time machine to me, because I remembered the era of Ayrton Senna, Carlo Sainz and the Formula 1 cars. Not many apps have this kind of impact on me.

Until now, you had to follow many website, blogs and team websites to know what is going in motor sports. In addition, rules change often, new teams are emerging, new drivers are coming into the frame. Literally, it has become a full-time job to keep up with motorsports. Otherwise, you give it up.

Hopefully, I won’t need to Google everything for motorsport from now on. Formulr is the Instagram of motorsports and brings you the best content from all over! If you are planning to go back to the old days, or want to begin to keep up with motor sports, this is the app you should have.

With Formulr, I am starting a new series, #StartUp stories. You will find the story behind all the start up companies in London.

1) Can you describe your app in three sentence to us?

Formulr organises the worlds information for motorsport. Every championship, team, driver, rider, circuit and manufacturer all in one place. With each profile featuring posts, videos, articles and event highlights, all the information you need is now right at your fingertips.

2) What was your motivation whilst developing this app?

Motorsport has some of the best content in the world and people just didn’t have a central location to discover it. It was fragmented all around the web.

3) Can we know more about you and your team?

I’m a former racing car driver (Formula Three) with a background in business, technology and design.

4) What was the biggest challenge of your start up?

Trying to work out what tasks are the most important. With only a small team the business requires a lot of items to be actioned. If you are not organised its easy to loose track doing things that don’t make a difference.

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