Top Shop Plastic Jeans

Top Shop did it again – plastic jeans! Using transparent materials for fashion is becoming more and more popular nowadays. However, when we think that 15 years ago, the only transparent fashion items were stripper heels. Nowadays, they are the most innocent fashion items!

Thanks to Yeezy’s transparent high heeled thigh-high boots and mules, transparency is becoming a trend. As usual, Top Shop always follows the trend. This time, they have decided to create their own transparent fashion piece, transparent jeans.

Literally, you are wearing a plastic bag as trousers and expecting to have a very comfortable day. The good side of these trousers is that you don’t have to worry about washing or ironing them. This is because it is impossible to iron them. Also, what you see is what you get, will be the slogan for these trousers. Because, everyone will be able to see what you are wearing underneath! It’s like wearing a bikini bottom everywhere.

I am definitely sure we will see these Top Shop trousers soon on the streets and it will be a unique fashion experience. I am really excited to see the style combinations! Yeezy transparent mules or Pleaser stripper heels will match perfectly!

Here is it;

Topshop Transparent Jeans Topshop Transparent Jeans Topshop Transparent Jeans Topshop Transparent Jeans

Photo Credits | TopShop