Tile Mate Experience

You may have seen this device on the Internet. It is basically a tiny tile with a hole on the top left hand side. It helps you to locate your keys, bags or anything that is attached to it anywhere in your house or anywhere else. You might be thinking how can a device like this be capable of sending out its location data?

Let me explain the Tile Mate. It is a tiny gadget with bluetooth and a non-replaceable battery. When you turn on your bluetooth in your smart phone, you can easily find your Tile within the bluetooth’s radius. When you lose your Tile or leave it somewhere, the Tile community will be able to locate it for you.

Sounds crazy? No. It is the sharing economy model. The whole Tile community acts like a giant beacon and help you to locate your Tile.

Now you might be thinking, the Tile will surely be very expensive because it is a gadget. No, it is very affordable, and if you have enough referrals, you can have a free Tile. Your next question might be, is it useful? For a person who frequently loses their car keys inside the house, it really works. Also, when you attach the Tile to your backpack or to your laptop, you can be confident that you can locate your belongings very easily.

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