Tyres? Are They All The Same?

Tyre? The circular object that is made from rubber? They are all the same, they all look the same, they are all circular. So, what is the point of buying an expensive tyre when you can buy the cheapest one from a random store?

First of all, yes the tyres are circular because that’s the best shape for a rolling object. Secondly, all tyres are not the same. Even the same brand of tyres may have different type of chemical compounds for different tyres, such as summer tyres vs. winter tyres. They are totally different type of tyres although they may look the same.

They are expensive. Yes, most good tyre brands are expensive because they are the only objects that connect your car to the ground. The fancy gadgets, safety systems and other assistance systems can’t do anything if your tyres aren’t good. The cost of tyres is a direct indication of the quality. Tyre development costs are extremely high and the testing process consumes a lot of time. That’s why Bugatti’s tyres cost a lot of money! Therefore, the cost of the tyre is one of the assurance for your safety while driving.

So, shall I go somewhere random and buy the most expensive one? Of course not! I can easily visit and compare the different brands, and pick the one that matches with my expectations and my budget.

Nowadays is the time of the year, many of you consider a new set of tyres. I assume, the rainy days and fluctuating weather temperatures have a negative impact on your decision to buy tyres. Summer vs all-season tyres? If you are considering a good value for your money option, the all-season tyres will perfectly exceed your expectations. As the all-season tyres are designed to be used during the whole year, it will be more cost effective than going for a pure summer tyre.

Did I do it? Yes, when I had my car, it was fitted with all-season tyres and they were really fine. Never really went for the hard-core summer tyres

All tyres may look exactly the same but the things you don’t see with the naked eye make the difference.

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