The Apple MacBook Air

Born in 2007. It was the reaction to the world of netbooks. Netbooks were a disaster but they were so cheap that we loved and consumed them. However, the MacBook Air didn’t give up, it got better and better. Lighter and lighter. Once I had an 11-inch MacBook Air and it was amazing. I was really happy with it. However, the non-Retina display was destroying everything.

Nowadays, MacBook Air is only available with a 13-inch display and weighs as same as the new MacBook Pro. However, the Air sells really well! Yes, people still buy a non-Retina Mac. I don’t know why but they do. It feels like using an iPhone 3GS. The non-Retina experience is heart-breaking. Also, the Air offers the longest battery performance.

I was expecting the MacBook Air to have vanished from the Apple’s website but Apple still keeps it. I mean the Air is on life support, but it received a new CPU which is keeping it alive.

I think the new iPhone 5 is the Macbook Air. Nothing can destroy it.

Macbook Air Macbook Air

Macbook Air

Photo credits / Apple