I Am Missing The Apple Watch Edition Gold

The Apple Watch, the luxury item that became a health gadget. I am really glad to see that. When the Apple Watch was released, I rushed to buy one and was really excited to see the Gold Edition. It was the first time that Apple had offered a pure luxury product.

I have known the Apple brand since 1992, and remember most of their products. From the Apple Newton to the Apple Laser Printer. Also, I remember the days when Steve Jobs was out, Apple was on the edge of bankruptcy, and there was the first Apple Conference where they announced the iPod.

Time has passed and now Apple is the biggest company on earth, and I hope it struggles with being such a massive company. This was the Steve Wozniak’s concern and I totally agree with him.

Going back to the Apple Watch, after the first generation, Apple decided to remove the Gold Edition and re-branded the Apple Watch as a health aka fitness gadget. That’s a really good strategy, because when the product offers nothing other than being expensive it will damage the Apple brand image and alienate users like me (highly involved with the brand).

Even though I sold my Apple Watch on eBay, I am really excited about the idea of buying the new Apple Watch that will measure my sugar levels from my sweat. That’s a great innovation and will be rule changing.

However deep inside me, I really miss the extravagance of the Apple Watch Gold Edition. I can imagine the influence behind introducing the Gold Edition. It was a product manipulated by the coherency of the Apple Stores. I am sure Apple will not reveal a similar product soon. However, I will always miss the uniqueness of the Gold Edition among the Apple products.
Apple Watch Edition Gold

Apple Watch Edition Gold

Apple Watch Edition Gold