This is What I Think About the New Range Rover Evoque

The second generation Range Rover Evoque has been unveiled. Whilst the first generation Evoque was a game changer in this segment, also keep in mind the world was a different place back in 2010! The second generation brings less of a revolution. In 2011, people were not expecting too much in terms of technological features from a car and also the Evoque emerged looking like something from out of this world.

However, things have changed a lot during the seven-year time period. We are now an extremely well-connected society; everything we do is through our smart phones. We communicate across all devices and the Apple Watch 4, for example, is more powerful than the iPhone 4 from 2010!

It is therefore unsurprising that the unveiling of the second generation Evoque has not create the same vibe as last time. It is, arguably, just a smaller version of the Range Rover Velar. It does not provide drivers with the highly sophisticated driving assistance systems that can be found in the Mercedes-Benz GLC and the BMW X3. Despite being a new car, the Evoque is still at least five years behind its competitors.

Does it look outstanding? Unfortunately, no. It is just a smaller Velar and this will make people perceive the Evoque as a half-baked Range Rover Velar. The second generation Evoque does not bring any distinctive characteristics compared to the first.

Considering the positives, the engine is improved, as you would expect, and the interior is built better than previously. Is this enough, however, to attract people to purchase the second generation Evoque?

Photo credit // Land Rover