Ferrari SF90 Stradale was at HR Owen in London

I have negated to write about Ferrari for some time and so I thought now would be an appropriate time to re-visit Ferrari owing to the release of its remarkable new production vehicle. This launch sees the SF90 Stradale, Ferrari’s first front-wheel drive, with no reverse gear encapsulating the concept of track and performance car in one.

Specifically, it is a 1000-hp plug-in hybrid hyper car, powered by a 4 litre, twin turbo engine that produces 780-hp and it is coupled with a 162-kW electric motor with 220-hp. In total, it is 1000-hp. The front-wheel drive part accompanies the electric motor.

There are three electric motors inside the SF90 Stradale, two of which are placed in the front-axle; responsible for propelling the Ferrari backward as well as forward. The electric motors on the front axle are responsible for reversing the Ferrari and therefore, there is no reverse gear inside the gearbox and thus this saves weight! It must be acknowledged however that if the batteries run flat, a push back vehicle may be required or alternatively the engine can be run to re-charge the batteries. The final electric motor is placed at the rear, between the engine and the gearbox.

Another critical fact about this model; it is in fact, more powerful than the LaFerrari and is based upon the F8 Tribute, so; it is half supercar and half hyper car.

Regarding its design, aesthetically, I do not find its appearance as pleasing as some other models as I prefer a more minimalist design. Finally, since 2015, Ferrari is no longer under the subsidiary of Fiat anymore and is now, in fact, a public company. Therefore, if you have sufficient capital, you can purchase shares in the company.