Vacuuming in Christian Louboutin 150mm Choca

Vacuuming is not the most tempting thing to do at home and it is quite boring. It is loud and you have to run after dust; however, you have to do it. So, I have recently discovered there is a way to turn the boring vacuuming into an exciting experience via Louboutin heels.

I have a great solution for this fundamental problem, get a pair of Christian Louboutin 150mm Choca heels. Luckily, EngineeringInHeels tried this recently with her 150mm Louboutins. From a logical perspective, you won’t be able to wear these red soles all the time and you may not wish to wear them outside. In fact, should you wish to wear them, here is a great opportunity. The boring vacuuming will become a posh experience and you won’t be bothered with the time frame of the task; because, you are wearing your favourite Louboutin heels.

In addition to this, the high heels leave less footprint on the floor and you don’t really have to wear Louboutins to go everywhere. You will be vacuuming with a pair of Louboutins that have clean soles and they won’t leave any more dust, as the toe section and the heel tip are the only parts to touch the ground.

To cut a long story short, if you wish to turn daily boring housework into something exciting, get a pair of 150mm Louboutin heels and wear them. You will lose all sense of time whilst enjoying your Louboutins.

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Christian Louboutin Choca 150mm

Christian Louboutin Choca 150mm

Christian Louboutin Choca 150mm

Photo Credit // EngineeringInHeels