You Should Buy a BMW M760Li xDrive

BMW M760Li xDrive

I have always had a soft spot for the BMW 7-Series, especially the BMW M760Li xDrive. It wasn’t like the Audi A8 or the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, “hey look at me, everyone should look at me”. Although the 7-Series was always one step behind the S-Class in terms of technology, this was usually minor.

However, the M760Li is a different game! It is powered by a 6.6-lt V12 turbo petrol engine that is also available in every Rolls-Royce. It has a clever all-wheel drive system, looks sporty, and drives sporty. You will find lots of driving assistance systems that are very similar to the S-Class. However, the 7-Series is still based on 12-volt technology, so it doesn’t have a responsive electrically controlled suspension like the new X5 and X7.

Despite these downsides, the 7-Series is probably the only car in its class that can be driven by its owner! The S65 AMG was a V12 but wasn’t an all-wheel drive, and it featured an ageing engine. Literally, the S65 AMG was a dinosaur waiting to be retired, and it is done now.

On the other hand, the M760Li is a dynamic sport large sedan with a modern V12 engine. Also, it doesn’t shout like the S-Class. It is really hard to define the M760Li’s subtle attractiveness, but it is an amazing car. I think the V12 engine subconsciously captures my attention. Even though it will be heavy on the front axle, it is still an excellent car.

If you are planning to buy a large car, buy a M760Li. If you are planning to buy a large SUV, buy a M760iL. If you are planning to buy a four-door coupe, buy a M760Li.

You would never do off-roading with an SUV, but the M760Li has all-wheel drive. Four-door coupes always look awkward. So the only way is M760Li!

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