My Blog is Ten Years Old

Today is the tenth year of my blog. It has been a long journey, but I have successfully published more than 2000 articles, have attended countless press events, launched my own YouTube channel and much more. Additionally, over the last ten years, things have changed considerably.

Smartphones are an integral part of our lives now, we can’t function without them, blogs are not read as much, and magazines are becoming an endangered species. Facebook is slowly losing its appeal and novelty, whereas TikTok has become the new kid on the block. Certainly, therefore, people spend an increasing amount of money on tech rather than buying a car. Ferrari is a separate company now, Saab has gone, JLR is striving to survive and Paypal’s founder even made a car. Furthermore, Ford has evolved into a mobility company rather than a car company.

When I started this blog, I never thought these events would have unfolded within the following ten years. We witnessed an industrial revolution and the car industry turned into a mobility solution. Nowadays, a Porsche Cayman’s competitor is an electric scooter! People are not as excited and captivated by cars as they were in previous generations, this impact is seen in car magazines. They themselves used to have ‘higher-end’ ads, with more pages, nowadays these are slowly diminishing.

I will develop my blog into a mobility blog, but I will continue to write about cars. I used to write daily, even in the Instagram era. Despite people wanting to see the content very quickly and easily on Instagram, this has never stopped my passion for writing.

I will see what the future brings. I hope to celebrate the 20th year of my blog.