Hummer is back! It is the Electric Hummer

General Motors have recently announced their new Hummer, bringing it back to life after the H3. This time, GM created the Hummer purely electric, and you may presume the driving range would be around 10km, I think everyone has the same concern.

Hummers are notoriously heavy, slow, and unreliable due to their electric power train, with the H1 being the exception. I know I sound slightly negative, but Hummers do not have a good reputation.

According to GM, Hummers are capable of delivering 1000 hp and 15,000 Nm of torque. I think this was a typo! Neither the drivetrain nor the tyres will be able to cope with this amount of torque and stress. The range is approximately 560km but turning on the Hummers front light could reduce the range to 50 km. They appear hilariously energy-consuming for an electric SUV and will feature two or three electric motors with 350 kW charge speed.

In my opinion, it will be fun to see an electric Hummer. Maybe this time GM will produce a Hummer that will not fall apart like the previous ones. We will see!

Images // GM