Tom Ford Luxury Face Mask

2020 was the year of COVID-19, during which it became compulsory to wear a face mask. Not every face mask, however, is the same. Face mask usage has become a means to reflect a user’s identity and is one of the most visible parts of your style. It is unsurprising, therefore that designers started to offer high-end face masks, and no one does high-end luxury face masks better than Tom Ford.

The Tom Ford face mask is actually the most affordable product you can buy from the Tom Ford brand, costing only £75. Whilst it is the most expensive face mask, it is affordable when you review Tom Ford’s prices.

Now, is it worth it? Probably, yes! If you want to use your mask to make a fashion statement, it is the certainly best way to do it!

Keep in mind that Apple has also designed a face mask; however, it is not for sale. Here is the review of the Apple face mask.

It is available to buy from this link (not affiliated link, don’t worry)

Photo Credit // Tom Ford