What is That Truck/Lorry in Clean Bandit feat Wes Nelson Drive Song?

British music group Clean Bandit recently released their latest song, Drive feat. Wes Nelson.

If you’ve watched the music video, you may have spotted a white lorry driving through space toward the Sun. Interestingly, in this scene, the driver isn’t wearing a seatbelt.

Rightly so, you might be asking, “What’s a truck doing in Clean Bandit’s Drive?”

Here’s my answer: the lorry in Clean Bandit’s latest music video is a MAN TGM 18.290. This is a commercial vehicle designed for short- and long-haul journeys. It is capable of carrying up to 18-tonne and powered by a 6.9-lt six-cylinder inline turbo diesel generates 290-hp (euro 6). Probably the tonnage and the euro 6 emission level will not make any sense in space!

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Sadly, the MAN TGM isn’t designed to withstand the pressures of traveling to the Sun, and its engine won’t run in space. As we all know, there is no air in Space, and diesel engines need air to run.

MAN was founded in 1758 in Germany. Now, the company is called MAN Truck & Bus. It’s a subsidiary of VW Group. Notably, MAN invented the diesel engine along with Rudolf Diesel, but that’s another long story!

I’m not sure why Clean Bandit chose to feature a MAN TGM in their music video. Also, the journey to the Sun is likely to be a tough one. Most importantly, I would strongly recommend that the driver wear a seatbelt! As is common knowledge, there is no friction in space, and when you stop, you stop quickly.

Also, when the MAN TGM approaches the Sun too closely, the entire lorry will start to melt and spin around the orbit of the Sun. In all likelihood, it will be a scorching journey!

Anyway, Drive is another great song from Clean Bandit. I’m looking forward to seeing what vehicle they decide to use for their next music video.

By the way, if the MAN truck featured in the video isn’t a TGL, please let me know. Unfortunately, in the video, it’s hard to make out the model badge on the vehicle.

Watch Clean Bandit Drive feat. Wes Nelson

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