On weekend Hyundai announced on TV about their sales target for their premium model Genesis in Turkey. This car is quite popular in US and in US and in US, won lots of awards and frankly the equipment is not that bad. And Hyundai’s target for Turkey is 150 Genesis. Unlike US, this car costs fortune; € 100,000 !!!
So you will say, Mercedes is too classic, BMW is too snoppish, Audi what’s that, VW that’s Audi’s father and you will depressed without any other alternative and desperate motivated to buy a Genesis; and Hyundai thinks that there 150 people like this in Turkey.
Even 150 people are ready buy Mercedes priced Hyundia; I would like to suggest something, Genesis has 3,8lt petrol engine, not diesel !!! For that price you can easily buy Mercedes E250 CDi with a lot of technological gadget which will take 6 months to understand each of them. Why should anyone buy a Hyundia Geneis with 3,8lt petrol engine and pay enourmous amount yearly tax? I really wonder.
Of course people will go and buy Mercedes E220 CDi, BMW 520d or Audi A6 2,0 TDi; okay some people will buy petrol engine cars. But Hyundia’s prediction for Genesis is like expecting to call down the global warming by fan !!!
Sorry but if the brand is not emerged as luxury, it does not have competitive advantage in luxury segments. Even the VW Phaëton is struggling to sale, how could Geneis achieve that target ?


Chanel, D&G and Audi

I know Audi does not fit with those other brands. Of course Audi is very respectful brand like other and older than others.
However they share something in common. They name their products in number.
D&G and Chanel are naming their fragrances with number, not all of them but some of them. We know the story about Chanel; Coco Chanel is presented with various frangrances and each of them had a number to be identified easily and she didn’t wish to change the No.5 and it became an icon.
D&G named its new fragrances with number and names; 1, 3, 6, 10 and 18. Unfortunately, I didn’t have chance to try them all. And also I really wonder the story behind this naming.
And Audi is naming its products with number and putting eihter A, S ,R and Q in front of them. Unfortunately, Audi’s products do not smell very nice or nobody is going to spray any liquids from those cars to their body. However, as the times passes Audi’s products are turning into better products. May be one day, they will be like Chanel No.5

auto emoción SEAT

Another interesting advertisement back of a magazine.
And it is from SEAT; young, sportive and Audi for reasonable price. This reasonable tag came after the new SEAT EXEO which is basically the old Audi A4.
Anyway, as we could see there are adults totally naked and running to sea or lake whatever :) And the vehicle is SEAT Altea XL, “XL” not the normal one.
So what we are understanding from this advertisement; when you buy a car which has problems to reflect its brand identity and could not achieve to create a clear brand image, you just run away from the car naked. Because, when you are naked as you lost some of the weight of your clothes, you can run faster !!!
One more fact, SEAT could managed to sell on 255,000 cars this year, half of the Skoda.


New Audi A5 Sportback

Audi’s ambition to expand its product range is revealing more and more interesting cars.
A5 is a very good looking coupé.
New A5 Sportback kind of looking car but it is subjective :)
However the advertisement in Turkish magazines is looking better than the car ;)


Christian Louboutin Limited Edition

Yes, this is a woman shoes brand. But it has very distinctive character, the red soles. And many women are willing own one pair of them. Even though, during the economic crisis, woman shoes sales did not face any problem!
So, why don’t any car brands offer a limited edition Louboutin series? I know it is risky, because car is muscular! And woman shoes are definitely feminine. However ladies are also buying cars and also buying shoes. Then, Ferrari California or Aston Martin V8 can offer totally black painted car with red paint underneath the body. Red paint should have nano technology to avoid scratches for long time.

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Ferrari, Aston Martin, Christian Louboutin


Mercedes 2.2

Mercedes loves the 2.2litre diesel engine. I don’t know why but they have some emotional relationship with extra 0.2litre.
Why it is annoying? Because, countries like Turkey where the taxation is influencing sales really badly are facing really high tax brackets because of those 0.2litre extra.
And BMW can achieve similar performance and efficiencly levels with 2.0litre diesel. I think Mercedes should revise its range engine to avoid any taxation obtacles in emerging markets. Consumers do not wish to pay extra money for just 0.2litre and they won’t be depression if the car is cheaper with 2.0litre diesel engine.
Stuttgart noticed how the 1.6litre petrol engine could rocket the sales and I do hope that they will reveal smaller diesel engine. Actually they should reveal 1.6litre diesel with high pressured twin turbo and dominate the market.

Aston Martin Cygnet

No, it is not a movie part from Terminator.
Cygnet is the new “pure” Aston Martin. I said pure because it is based on Toyota iQ, which is very nice car with sophicticated engineering. But Aston Martin just made a make-up and design a new clothes with same structure from Toyota iQ and will sell it as Aston Martin.
Come on, at least increase the power of the car or remap the engine control unit or any other tricks to make more Aston Martin less Toyota.
So, people will pay a lot extra for Aston Toyota Martin. Sorry but this car won’t sell! Ugly Truth.
Mercedes did with Smart, people do not buy cheap looking cars from luxury brands. Especially for Aston Martin, Cygnet is disaster.
I really admire Dr. Bez but I was not expecting to see too much Toyota too less Aston Martin.
(By the way, it looks like Aston Martin Smart.)



Even under heavy economic crisis, Poland’s demand on cars never dropped down.
The Europe was suffering from halted sales and reducing prices but the Poland’s demand on cars are still rising :)

Veyron Drop

VW’s sales figure shows that people who could affored to € 1,000,000 to a car shrunk %35.3.
In 2008, Bugatti delivered 51 cars but this year only 33.

van Hooydonk

Finally BMW revealed a good looking 5 Series after long time. Unfortunately, Bangle’s 5 Series was not that good. Nobody is denying this though ! Thanks to van Hooydonk, 5 Series looks really good.
However, this new 5 series is one of the best looking car on its segment. Unlike Mercedes E-Class, new 5 Series offers 8 speed auto transmission for “every engine” option. Mercedes should learn this, nobody wants to see anymore 5 speed auto.
5 Speed auto is older than any popular culture icon :)