Yada Events App #startup

I know I should have updated my Start Up section. However, I am back to startups. This time, it is an event app called Yada. I met with the creator at WeWork a couple of months ago. Yada is a very unique event app that is designed for creating and managing events very effectively and quickly. Unlike other platforms designed to discover events, the Yada app is focused on the management side. For the people who attend the event, the discovery function will show them future relevant events based on events they have attended before.

You might be thinking that Eventbrite and Facebook Events are already here, why do we need another app? The answer simple, they are too complicated to create and manage the event.

Here are some questions to the Yada’s founder Mehram;

  1. Can you describe your app in three sentence to us?
    We like to call our app the complete events app because unlike any other events app that is out there, we offer our users everything from the creation of an event page, through to the connection with attendees and the collaboration of photos, videos and comments in a singular platform. Our USP is our LiveView, a real-time slideshow of attendee’s content that can be projected onto screens around the venue or viewed of devices remotely.
  2. What was your motivation whilst developing this app?
    Our motivation was and still is to create something unique, innovative and standout from other apps in this sector. We have no direct competitor and that is something that I am proud to say. We are redeveloping our app next year and we are adding lots more features and functionality. Things are very exciting for us at the moment!
  3. Can we know more about you and your team?
    Our team is a great combination of wise old owls and young, creative graduates. We have a parent company called Expede IT Solutions Ltd. that is built up of IT and business professionals that have worked together for a long time and definitely know what they are talking about. Team yada, which I manage, is creative, fun and youthful. We currently have 3 people in our team but are expanding and growing quickly.
  4. What was the biggest challenge of your start up?
    The biggest challenge of our start-up is trying to be patient. It was so easy at the beginning and sometimes still is to get carried away and focus on the things that aren’t important. Unless you have a solid plan and roadmap of where you want to go, it is easy to get lost in the hundreds of tasks that need to be done every week. Every day I make a list and label each item from high importance to low importance. This helps me focus and make sure that things get done.

Download the app;

AppStore (

Google Play (


What Happened to Kate Upton?

For quite a long time, we haven’t heard from Kate Upton who had been creating viral ad campaigns and funny videos. She has been silent for a very long time. However, she just decided to go under the radar. I did some YouTube research, and found that the latest ad campaign that she featured was the Game of War (I might be wrong). After that, she was only on the news for her wedding planning.

I think, she is now focused on getting married and reshaping her profile. I am sure we will see her again soon, but probably with a different approach.


7th Year

It is the 7th year of my blog. It has been a very long time but I really don’t how it passed this quickly.

Interesting facts :)

I have managed to reach 223 different territories!

I have no idea why Microsoft loves to visit my blog :)

Most favourite search terms for my blog are;  vorsprung durch technik, charlotte mckinney snapchat and w16 engine for sale.

Thank you very much for reading my blog :)


Louis Vuitton Fountain Pens

I have recently discovered that Louis Vuitton offers fountain pens under its brand. For many years I have never checked out the section entitled ‘writing instruments’. Recently, however, I clicked on that link. It was a quite shock for me when I found that Louis Vuitton offered branded fountain pens and inks.

I did some research to find out who was the manufacturer for Louis Vuitton. You may not know that making either a fountain pen or ink needs very special skill sets, and the manufacturing process is not easy to set up. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that Louis Vuitton manufactures the fountain pens and the inks that it sells.

Despite this fact, I don’t have any doubt as to the quality of the product, as comes under the Louis Vuitton name. However, I really wanted to experience the fountain pen and compare it with the Montblanc range.

To discover the Louis Vuitton’s fountain pen range


Louis Vuitton Fountain Pen

Louis Vuitton Fountain Pen

Louis Vuitton Fountain Pen

Louis Vuitton Fountain Pen

Louis Vuitton Fountain Pen

Louis Vuitton Fountain Pen

Louis Vuitton Fountain Pen

Louis Vuitton Fountain Pen

Louis Vuitton Fountain Pen

Louis Vuitton Fountain Pen

Photo Copyrights | Louis Vuitton


The Bridget Jones’s Baby Movie and The Ford Focus

Bridget Jones’s Baby and the Ford Focus, what is that you might be asking!

I am 35 years old, single, have been writing a blog for more than six years, and I had Bridget Jones moments in my life (such as wearing a pink shirt at a formal event). Theoretically, I am ticking the boxes for being a Bridget Jones, and more excited for the Bridget Jones Baby than for the iPhone 7. They will both revealed in September.

Before the Bridget Jones’s Baby movie, I decided to refresh my memory and watch both of the Bridget Jones’ movies and recall the days when we had flip phones, no Facebook, and we used landlines (I have no idea where my landline phone is), TV was not in HD, YouTube was had no impact on our lives and The Gherkin in London was literally the only skyscraper in London.

However, we had the legendary, the iconic and the great (I really mean it) Ford Focus. A Ford Focus Ghia hatchback appeared in the Bridget Jones’s Diary in 2001 and A Ford Focus (facelifted) Trend hatchback appeared in the Bridget Jones Edge of Reason in 2004. They were both driven by Bridget Jones’s family. The interesting question is why the family chose the Ford Focus Trend (lower spec) in 2004 over the high spec Ghia model. Yes, that’s the question I really need to know. I agree, I’ve messed up the spirit of the movie.

Anyway, as the Bridget Jones movies are full of product placement, top to bottom, are we going to see another Ford Focus in the Bridget Jones Baby movie? Were Bridge Jones’s family loyal to the Ford brand? Did they decide to upgrade to an Audi, or did the Kia steal the show?

Honestly, I have no idea and will ask Ford UK PR on Twitter to help me out. However, I am definitely sure we will have to wait for the answer.

Bridge Jones 2001 Ford Focus 1 Bridge Jones 2001 Ford Focus 2 Bridge Jones 2001 Ford Focus 3 Bridget Jones 2004 Ford Focus 1 Bridget Jones 2004 Ford Focus 2

Photo Credit | Universal Pictures


Porsche Office Chair

Porsche did it again, 911 Carrera GTS or GT3 chair for your office. If you are in love with your sports seat in your Porsche 911 and are desiring to have the same experience in your office, here is the solution.

Just spend $6,750 and you will be able to feel the sports driving experience inside your office. However, the Porsche Office chair is not as light as you think. It weighs 35 kg and will definitely create lots of pressure on your wood floor. Basically, this chair can emerge its path on your wood floor.

Click to see (

Porsche Office Chair 1
Porsche Office Chair 3


Kate Upton’s Snapchat: kateuptonsnap

Is Kate Upton on Snapchat? Does Kate Upton have a Snapchat? What is Kate Upton’s Snapchat?

Finally, Kate Upton is on Snapchat (Username: kateuptonsnap). We were waiting for this, as you were googling for it, and now there she is. Unfortunately, she may not post the second version of the cat daddy video, but it is still exciting.

Kate Upton Snapchat Kate Upton Snapchat Kate Upton Snapchat

Photo Credit | Kate Upton


Richard Brendon | Walpole Brands of Tomorrow

Richard Brendon is one of Walpole’s Brands of Tomorrow winners. These days it is really hard find an object with a unique design. In a world of dominated by Ikea-style products, the discovery of Richard Brendon’s collection was like a bright light at the end of the tunnel.

I really loved the whole collection. My favourite one is the Diamond Barware collection, especially the diamond cut details. These details resemble Bentley’s interior design and reflect their British heritage.

If you are planning to revive your kitchenware, this is probably the right time!


Richard Brendon Diamond Cut Richard Brendon - PATTERNITY F&M GROUP RB Bespoke Printed Colour RB Bespoke Hand Painted Colour Richard Brendon Mix & Match Lifestyle Richard Brendon Mix & Match Lifestyle Richard Brendon Details from Willow Cobalt Lifestyle image Richard Brendon - Reflect Lifestyle Richard Brendon Diamond Cut Richard Brendon  Arc Lifestyle Richard Brendon - Reflect Lifestyle

Photo Credits | Richard Brendon


Braun Alarm Clock

In the world of smartphones and wearable gadgets, why I am writing about the Braun alarm clock? The reason is very simple—too many digital zeros and ones in my life. I have been using a computer since 1991, and I am approaching the point where the analogue telephone looks more tempting than the upcoming iPhone 7.

That’s why I bought a Braun alarm clock. Braun is very well known for its unique design philosophy. Since it was first founded, every Braun product offers a very clean and simple design approach that has only one purpose, to do what it is supposed to do. After a decade of this unique design language, Braun products have become the most iconic in their segment. That was one of the reasons I wanted to buy a Braun alarm clock.

The other reason was the nostalgia. I had the same clock for years to wake up with and I wanted to wake up like the old days instead of with the iPhone.

The last reason is Robert De Niro’s The Intern movie. He brought a Braun alarm clock to work!

Braun is currently owned by Procter & Gamble, the same company that makes Magnum ice cream.

Braun Clock Braun Clock Braun Clock Braun Clock Braun Clock Braun Clock Braun Clock Braun Clock Braun Clock Braun Clock


Bulgari Wrist Watch Collection

A few months ago, I had the chance to attend to the Bulgari’s press day for their latest wristwatch collection. I am not an expert on wristwatches, but I like the engineering behind the watches, especially the automatics ones. For some people, watches only show the time, but the process of showing accuracy at any time takes serious engineering. Nowadays, you can overcome this issue by a quartz movement that you can find anywhere. However, quartz watches are not truly a watch. They are an affordable alternative to automatic watches.

Bulgari has harmonised Greek and Italian DNA into its design philosophy with their latest collection. Also, this is coupled with the engineering background. Although automatic watches are an older technology, they are evolving all the time.

It was my first pure wristwatch press day, and I did my best to get the photos, but it was really hard!

Bulgari Watches 1

Bulgari Watches 20

Bulgari Watches 25

Bulgari Watches 26

Bulgari Watches 29

Bulgari Watches 32

Bulgari Watches 35

Bulgari Watches 36

Bulgari Watches 38

Bulgari Watches 41

Bulgari Watches 47