Ferrari 458 Italia

Ferrari 458 Italia, I know this is not a very new Ferrari. And you can spot very easily around the world. Honestly, I have no idea how people can afford to buy a Ferrari 458 Italia so easily! Anyway, the reason I write about a Ferrari that was put into production on 2009 is, I never wrote about it.

Because, I find Ferrari 458 Italia as a main stream Ferrari. Like Golf to Volkswagen, Focus to Ford. Very easy to spot everywhere, despite the state-of-art technology, it is like a new iPhone. Every loves iPhone but we all know that it is not something really special nowadays.

The mutual thing with Ferraris and Apple products; every single new product is way faster than the previous one. And they emphasise it all the time.

However, I have to be fair. Ferrari 458 Italia features Formula 1 technology, V8 engine capable of revving up to 9000 rpm and many electronic gadget that are transferred directly from Formula 1. Thanks to these technologies, 458 Italia produces 562 HP and 540 Nm of torque. And the engine is coupled by a double clutch automatic. Official results says, 3.3 seconds is enough to reach 100 km/h but unofficial people say, it is achieved by cheating (Ref. Chris Harris’s YouTube video). The top speed is 325 km/h.

In terms of technology, 458 Italia is a unique car but in terms of exclusivity, I cannot say the same. I am sure many Ferrari lovers will not agree with me but we all have different thoughts and that turns our world into a better place :)


Ferrari Guinness World Record at Silverstone by Charles Davis Photos

Ferrari’s attempt to break Guinness World Record for largestFerrari parade is well-known by everyone. And they managed to achieve this by more than 1000 Ferraris in Silverstone. Unfortunately, I was busy at that day and missed the opportunity to see this amazing event.
However, my dear friend Charles Davis (Founder of Professional Photography) attended the event and took pictured the astonishing moments of the Ferrari parade. And he had opportunity to enter track and get very close to all these fabulous Ferraris. Actually, it is really hard to get access for the track and only very few people have this privilege.
I am not a photography expert but from my experiences I can say one thing, most of these shoots cannot be taken so easily. Especially the Formula 1 car’s burnout moment is really hard to picture. Even if you have the proper equipment, you need experience and talent to catch that moment.
You may find more of Charles work on his website and don’t forget to check his twitter.
Here some of the Ferraris from the photos; Ferrari 599FXX, Ferrari FFs, 599XX Evoluzione, Scuderia Ferrari F1 F2008, F458 Italia, F430.
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Ferrari SP12 EC by Eric Clapton

Ferrari SP12 EC is recently revealed by Ferrari. This is a new car but not totally new! It is based on a Ferrari 458. Ferrari 458 is also a new car but Eric Clapton decided to have something fresher than 458. Why mentioned Eric Claption, because he wanted to have something totally different. And Clapton went to Ferrari ‘s One-Off Programme to have a car that is really exclusive!

Ferrari One-Off Programme offers the opportunity to customise your car from the scratch. And Eric Clapton wanted to have a Ferrari 458 that looks similar to Ferrari 512 BB. As Clapton is a very loyal customer and ready to pay lots of money, so One-Off Programme designed Ferrari SP12 EC with Centro Stile Ferrari and Pininfarina.

Ferrari SP12 EC has the same technical details of Ferrari 458. 4.5-lt V8 petrol engine produces 570 PS of power and 540 nm of torque. Ferrari SP12 EC accelerates from zero to 100 kph (62 mph) in less than 3.4 seconds with the top speed of 325 kph (202 mph).

If you are planning to buy Ferrari SP12 EC, it is possibly impossible because it is designed under the Ferrari One-Off Programme. So, SP12 EC is really exclusive and Clapton wants to keep it exclusive as well!

What Clapton said about designing a car? Following the project through from what was, essentially, a blank canvas, was ‘one of the most satisfying things I’ve ever done.” Unique and irreproducible like the final car.

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Ferrari 458 Left Tyres Mark in Great Wall of China

Ferrari’s 20th year anniversary in China did not go well! Last week, Ferrari rented the historic Great Wall of China for the PR event of Ferrari 458 Italia Chinese Special Edition. Ferrari managed to close down the Great Wall of China during PR event as you will see in the footage. And as I can see, they paid attention to keep historic place without any damage.
Unfortunately, one of the employee of the dealer decided to show off by making donuts with the Ferrari 458 Italia Chinese Special Edition and left tyre marks on a place that is 600 years old! Ferrari announced that, they will do everything to recover this incident and work with the government.
However, there is a big question. A company like Ferrari, how they don’t have any supervisor during the shipment of the Ferrari 458 to Great Wall of China and how the other let him to do these things. He is not making donuts next to his house, this place is 600 years old. And he should have been informed about the importance of the place.
I wish that Ferrari will be informing about the process of restoring those tyres marks from the Great Wall. And improve their human resource protocols!

Ferrari 458 for only China!

Here it is, the special limited edition only for Chinese customers, Ferrari 458 Italia. If you are a car collector from Europe or USA, unfortunately you are not eligible to buy one these 20 cars. Only 20 Chinese have the opportunity to own these special edition.
Ferrari introduced this model to celebrates its 20th year in China in a special way. Technical features are the same. The figures on the 458 Italia is inspired from the Chinese mythology. And the thick black sticker symbolise the race track.
I mentioned before, we will see more limited edition for China.

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New Mercedes-Benz SL 63 AMG

Today Mercedes released the photos and information about the new SL 63 AMG! I hope there won’t be SL 65 AMG, because with these performance figure, it will be really meaningless to offer it. Anyway, this new SL 63 AMG offers more power than ever, there is no point to have more!
So, I need to mention about the engine. Unfortunately, the engine is the same as the outgoing model 5,5-lt twin turbo V8, which produces 537PS or 564PS and 800nm or 900nm of torque. Why I did use the “or”. Because, Mercedes offers additional AMG Performance Package that will give you extra horse power, torque, handling, accuracy and 300 kph (186 mph) top speed. I can assume that with the Performance Package, you would have relatively slow, relative less handling and relatively under powered car.
Anyway, let’s go back to figures. Finally, Mercedes managed to reduce the weight by using aluminium and carbon fibre overall the car. I don’t mean the carbon fibre used in interior design. They used them in proper way. By doing this, this new SL 63 AMG is 1845 kg, less than 2-tonnes is a very good job for a car that offers ventilated seats and radar guided cruise control.
Unfortunately, the AMG engine is not capable of revving very high rpm. I really don’t know why but it is limited with 5500 rpm. Again unfortunately, new BMW 3,0-lt triple turbo powered diesel does the same rpm level. And Ferrari 458 can go up to 9000 rpm! Sometimes Mercedes thinks too much about comfort. Just rev the engine as much as possible :)
When it comes to acceleration, the relative slow model needs 4,3 seconds for 100 kph (62mph) and faster model needs 4,2 seconds! But, the main point is the acceleration while on move, because this new engine has lots of torques. And lots of torques mean one thing, you can accelerate like nothing on this earth! And all these power is sent by 7-speed double clutch gearbox.
I am pretty sure that Mercedes again achieved to make a very powerful sport car that can be driven at lower speed and inside the city. The main problem of very fast cars, they are terrible as low speeds. The gearbox is annoying, there is rear view, suspension is pain and it goes like that. However, Mercedes is perfect combining the both and making a car driveable while, you are going slow.
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Ferrari FF: My First Ferrari ?

I do know that many people have a serious problem! Especially, the rich ones. Based on my observations, being a rich person is not that easy. When you don’t have money, the opportunities are pretty limited and you have to be satisfied with those limited alternatives. For instance, if you are not rich and live on a limited budget your dream cars are limited also. Let’s take, Ford Fiesta. It is cheap to own, cheap to run and cheap to maintain. But it does not offer four wheel drive or Formula 1 style paddle shift or track mode. And you never complain for the Fiesta’s lack of opportunities!
However, when you become rich you want more of everything. You want a fast car, four wheel drive, Formula 1 paddle shift, race mode, leather, coupe with big boot and this list goes forever. Hopefully, Ferrari revealed the FF model to satisfy the rich people, who cannot be satisfied with any car on planet. Eventually, Ferrari FF is a like an automotive salad. You can find anything with the FF, there are not limitations. 
As the Ferrari FF is the best of everything but will it be your first Ferrari? Will anyone go for Ferrari FF instead of Ferrari 458 or 599 !?! I don’t think so. Ferrari FF is a contemporary interpretation of Ferrari but not enough for being the first Ferrari.

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Mercedes SLS AMG with a DVD Changer

Mercedes SLS AMG, the most important thing for Mercedes nowadays. There is nothing more important than the SLS, in every country Mercedes is doing a PR campaign, special events, social networking activities and many things!
As I mentioned earlier, I never liked the McLaren Mercedes SLR or SLS AMG. My all time favourite is CLK GTR! These models are just replicas of 300SLR and very bad replicas. Actually I am not writing these to complain about SLS’s terrific design. I am writing this to highlight a super ultra pointless features of SLS AMG.
A car which is delivering more than 570 horsepower with double clutch transmission and reaching one hundred kilometers less than four seconds does not have standard ceramic brakes, in terms of Mercedes C-BRAKE! Wake up Mercedes, this is a not a diesel E Class, you are trying to compete with Ferrari, Lamborghini and other super car brands. And you are not offering ceramic brake as standard! Mercedes claims, SLS AMG has a very short braking distance! Really? I guess, if you buy the ceramic brakes it will have a very short braking distance.
I know cost is very important for manufacturing but your are not manufacturing A Class or something like that. Mercedes is asking huge amount money for something which does not have a proper brakes! But you will have something which is extremely important, extremely vital! A DVD changer :) Yes, you will the most stupid feature in one most of the most expensive car on earth, a DVD changer.
This means SLS AMG is so boring that, you have to have a DVD “changer”, one DVD is not enough, so that you will find something more interesting the SLS AMG :) On the other hand, due to safety you cannot watch DVD while driving. So what are you going to do with that pointless machine !?!
None of the Mercedes PR activities, I did not hear any word called aluminium! This car is the first mass product aluminium Mercedes and they don’t say it anywhere! Why? Should people find out?
And lastly, this car can only rev up to 6800 rpm! Hello! Ferrari 458 can climb up to 9000 rpm, this is the super car market. You must rev more! Mercedes A Class can rev up to 6800 rpm. So what is the point of placing a rev meter which is showing 9000 rpm :)
Again, Mercedes thought about a super car and ruined by passion :) Honestly, I would definitely buy a Ferrari 458 or Porsche 911 Turbo S or Lamborghini Gallardo instead of SLS AMG.

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