New Volkswagen Golf VII 4MOTION: Four-Wheel Drive is Back!

Volkswagen Golf 4MOTION, what does 4MOTION means? We all know the Volkswagen Golf but 4MOTION does not spark any idea. The 4MOTION is the four-wheel drive system developed by the Volkswagen. 4MOTION system uses Haldex coupling to distribute the power between front and rear wheels. When there is no loss of traction, system diverts most of the power to front-wheels to improve consumption. However, when you drive on snow with Volkswagen Golf 4MOTION, the system transfer the traction to appropriate axle. EDS (Electronic differential lock) and XDS (Transverse lock) are available on both axles.
This time, Volkswagen offers the 4MOTION system in Golf with 1.6-lt and 2-lt diesel engines. So, consumers in emerging marketing will not be affected by high taxation due to larger engine size. The 1.6-lt diesel produces 105 HP with 230 Nm of torque, needs 11.8 seconds for 100 km/h with the top speed of 187 km/h, 4.5-lt consumption. The 2-lt diesel produces 150 HP with 320 Nm of torque, 8.6 seconds is enough for 100 km/h and top speed is 211 km/h, 4.7-lt consumption.
In my opinion, Golf 1.6-lt 4MOTION will be great car to drive and very efficient. Also, you will experience the advantage of four-wheel drive system. And you need pay only €1800 more!

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