Ferrari F12 berlinetta in London | Special Photos for #PinItForwardUK

Ferrari F12 berlinetta, the replacement of iconic 599. F12 is probably the first car with a bridge or a hole. I directly to jumped to this section, because it is unique and unusual to spot in any others vehicles. Ferrari F12 has an aerodynamic bridge to increase down force for better performance. More down force means better handling at higher speeds, objects have a tendency to lift off as they speed more! To avoid this, you need to increase down force aerodynamic tricks and this bridge on the F12 is the latest solution.

(Actually, these photos were taken specially for the Pinterest’s UK launch campaign #PinItForwardUK.)

I spotted this Ferrari F12 at HR Owen, London dealer. I was very lucky because their Ferrari circulation is higher than iPhone circulation at an Apple Store.

Ferrari F12 resembles to Ferrari FF from the front end but that’s all. F12 is a brand new vehicle with brand new technologies. Such as the air duck that opens when the brakes got hot too much. Cleaver Formula 1 technologies, 6.3-lt V12 engine with 730 HP and 690 Nm of torque. Brand new a 7-speed double clutch super fast automatic transmission. Also, lighter! New Ferrari F12 weighs no more than a 1,5-tonne. F12 only needs 3,1 seconds reach 100 km/h and top speed is over 340 km/h.

And offers the most complicated steering wheel on this planet. Ferrari F12 has the manetinno switch and nearly one hundred buttons more on the steering wheel! The individual suspension button on the steering wheel of F12 is for making the car drive softer at any manettino settings. I am definitely sure, if the steering wheel of Ferrari F12 breaks down, it will cost more than a small hatchback. And lastly, I loved the Formula 1 inspired rear fog light!

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Ferrari Guinness World Record at Silverstone by Charles Davis Photos

Ferrari’s attempt to break Guinness World Record for largestFerrari parade is well-known by everyone. And they managed to achieve this by more than 1000 Ferraris in Silverstone. Unfortunately, I was busy at that day and missed the opportunity to see this amazing event.
However, my dear friend Charles Davis (Founder of Professional Photography) attended the event and took pictured the astonishing moments of the Ferrari parade. And he had opportunity to enter track and get very close to all these fabulous Ferraris. Actually, it is really hard to get access for the track and only very few people have this privilege.
I am not a photography expert but from my experiences I can say one thing, most of these shoots cannot be taken so easily. Especially the Formula 1 car’s burnout moment is really hard to picture. Even if you have the proper equipment, you need experience and talent to catch that moment.
You may find more of Charles work on his website and don’t forget to check his twitter.
Here some of the Ferraris from the photos; Ferrari 599FXX, Ferrari FFs, 599XX Evoluzione, Scuderia Ferrari F1 F2008, F458 Italia, F430.
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Charles Davis

Interview with Frank Stephenson

My trip to McLaren Technology HQ and interview Frank Stephenson (Design Director of McLaren).

Firstly I would like to start with Frank. He is the design director of McLaren and worked in Ford, BMW, Mini, Ferrari, Maserati, Fiat, Lancia, Alfa Romeo and McLaren. You can find more information on interview. I had a great time with Frank in McLaren; he toured me around the building and showed every single place. The McLaren is really huge and I cannot define how it looks wonderful! After today, I can clearly say, Frank is a great designer and also a very nice person; and passionate with this work. When you listen to him, you understand the meaning of being a designer. And explain the designing a car with very simple words. I cannot ignore his passion to motorcycle. Honestly, after I had chat with him my perception towards motorcycle are changed. I never approach to them from the perspective Frank described me. You can find more about him in interview where you can find below.

Let’s go back to McLaren headquarters in Woking, UK. Woking is a very nice, small city, silent, relaxing and lots of green. Inside the green, there is the McLaren HQ. The structure of the building totally part of the nature, there is an artificial lake, precisely placed tree. While I was there, the view from the window was like a canvas. The building and nature so well integrated with each other and you would never think that McLaren is producing cars here, but they do.

I want to talk about the building a little bit more. It is a total perfection, everything is perfectly designed, measurement are precise. The air is in same temperature in each room, there is no thermal shock here. You don’t feel the cold weather from outside. And they achieved to isolate the smell in the food court from the rest of the building. By maintaining different air pressures.

The front part of the building is covered with glass and there are some curves. When it was first made, the wind was vibrating the glass. And McLaren F1 engineers designed a metal structure to eliminate this vibration through F1 technology.

And the corridors, when you first get inside you have the feeling that, I am in a James bond movie. Everywhere is perfect white, no dust or dirt at all. You go from tunnels, take lift with circular glass doors. There is nothing can annoy you with the building. Don’t think that, it is just limited with the management part.

I visited the manufacturing site of MP4-12C, where they produce the car. Manufacturing plant is usually involves with dirt, oil, bad odour. However, it looks cleaner than hospitals. I am extremely serious! The manufacturing site is so clean, and you started to question your personal cleanliness.

The paint shop? It is supposed to be dirty but it is cleaner than my five start hotels! Each car is painted by hand with people who are expert on their job. Perfection does not finish here, McLaren does not paint the parts of the cars separately. In order to sustain the same level of paint, all parts are painted together.

Later on, the rain test. I was expecting to see some water but no! They test each car with rain test and no single drop at all. And last, the high speed test inside a glass room. It is also supposed to smell exhaust gas but again there is no smell at all.

I saw manufacturing plants but I have never seen something like this on earth. And possibly cannot see in future as well. Even the manufacturing team wear Hugo Boss dresses from head to toe! They don’t have that ugly dresses like in other companies.

The MP4-12C, I witness to each stage of this car manufacturing. From naked chassis to ready for delivery. The manufacturing is so perfect, there is nothing wrong with the car. It is built like a luxury sedan. Parts are matching with no gap, the door is opened by sliding your fingers. The rear air brake works with hydraulic and acts as a proper air brake like in an airplane. One other example, navigation screen placed vertical to keep the car narrow!

The best part is the front head lights, at night you see the McLaren’s logo illuminated with LEDs and fins of sharks below it.

Lastly, McLaren is going to reveal more models! I don’t want to give more details. But I assure that, Veyron will not be alone anymore.

From what I see today, if you are planning to buy an exclusive sports cars. There is only one choice, McLaren MP4-12C. From design studio to customer delivery preparation, everything is perfect!

Is that all from McLaren, of course not ;) I want to keep some secret…

For more photo: Facebook Gallery

And here is my interview with Frank Stephenson


Frank Stephenson

A few hours ago, I found some interviews with Frank Stephenson on YouTube. If you don’t know Frank, I am sure you know his designs; BMW X5, Mini, Maserati MC12, Maserati Quattroporte, Ferrari F430, Ferrari 612, Fiat 500, McLaren MP4-12C and many other cars. In my opinions, he will be remembered as one of the most influential car designer in his era. Especially his interpretation of the new Mini and new Fiat 500 are the most remarkable cars of this century, and never getting old Quattroporte! 
We will find more about him on these interviews. And additional information to his Wikipedia page, he stayed in Istanbul, Turkey for six years!

Part 1

Part 2

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Mini, Fiat, McLaren


Ferrari 599XX: A Bit Faster

Ferrari revealed a relatively faster 599! If you find the 599XX slow, the hard-core version of 599GTB. Here you have the opportunity to own a faster 599, 599XX Evolution. Like the “slower” model, it is packed up with Formula 1 technology. Active rear wing and front splitter, two flaps in the rear open and close to adjust the down force on rear axle. This relatively faster model has extra 20PS and achieves to produce 750PS with 700nm torque.

Unfortunately, you cannot drive your relatively faster 599 on streets. It is offered by the Ferrari Corse Clienti and it is designed for tracks.

My opinion: Go for a 599 GTO, it is very fast and can be driven on the streets without any problem, also offers much better comfort than the XX Evolution.

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Ferrari FF: My First Ferrari ?

I do know that many people have a serious problem! Especially, the rich ones. Based on my observations, being a rich person is not that easy. When you don’t have money, the opportunities are pretty limited and you have to be satisfied with those limited alternatives. For instance, if you are not rich and live on a limited budget your dream cars are limited also. Let’s take, Ford Fiesta. It is cheap to own, cheap to run and cheap to maintain. But it does not offer four wheel drive or Formula 1 style paddle shift or track mode. And you never complain for the Fiesta’s lack of opportunities!
However, when you become rich you want more of everything. You want a fast car, four wheel drive, Formula 1 paddle shift, race mode, leather, coupe with big boot and this list goes forever. Hopefully, Ferrari revealed the FF model to satisfy the rich people, who cannot be satisfied with any car on planet. Eventually, Ferrari FF is a like an automotive salad. You can find anything with the FF, there are not limitations. 
As the Ferrari FF is the best of everything but will it be your first Ferrari? Will anyone go for Ferrari FF instead of Ferrari 458 or 599 !?! I don’t think so. Ferrari FF is a contemporary interpretation of Ferrari but not enough for being the first Ferrari.

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