New Mercedes S-Class (W222) Aesthetics S

New Mercedes S-Class is here, sorry but not in the shape of a car. During last few years, Mercedes started to change its brand image and associated more fashion and art based notions. As a result of this new strategy and try to improve the image of the Mercedes vehicles, new S-Class (W222) is introduced as a Aesthetics S sculpture before its public reveal.
Aesthetics S represents the new design elements of the new S-Class by interpreting through artistic point of view. Aesthetics S sculpture can be seen in Paris Motor Show (27 September to 14 October 2012) in Hall 1.
My view; if you will visit the Paris Motor Show, try to see this sculpture. I am sure we will use lots of new S-Class in couple of years but we won’t have opportunity to Aesthetics S that easy. And not to forget, Mercedes S-Class always sustains its market leader position despite its powerful competitors.

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