Mercedes G-Wagon: Celebrity Wagon!

When you became a celebrity in Hollywood, there are customs which you must fulfil! You suppose to buy a very very big house with many rooms which you will never ever use it. You must buy many shoes, bag, hats, t-shirts from luxury brands. You should attend to every kind of party. You must pose on cameras and attend some pointless interviews. And many other things! It is obvious that you need to comply many rituals in Hollywood celebrity world!
However the most important thing custom to fulfil is to buy a Mercedes G-Wagon. Yes, you must buy the most off road oriented vehicle on earth, regardless of where you will drive! This is a must for any celebrity candidate. If you don’t buy a Mercedes G-Wagon, you won’t be a long lasting celebrity.
Honestly; G-Wagon is a great car, offers unexpected off road ability, contemporary retro design and many more things. And they are mainly focused on off road abilities. With G-Wagon, you can travel on every kind of terrain on earth, basically the best to drive around the whole planet. Unfortunately, these abilities do not come in a comfortable way. G-Wagon is basically designed for driving on place where there is no road exists. Therefore, everything is designed for that! Doors are heavy, steering is heavy, suspension is for off road, there is no electronic climate control, interior is angled, there is no sense of aerodynamics as it can be considered as a moving wall and there is no parking sensors for front. These might not sound ridiculous but when you start drive this car, you will notice all these things in your heart. Because, much cheaper alternatives will be offering much better comfort! But I don’t know why, Hollywood stars want to exercise their muscles while driving a G-Wagon.
Actually, G-Wagon is one of the coolest car available. For more than thirty years, its designed never changed and it is a very iconic car. And most probably many Hollywood stars prefer this car because it is cool! Like everyone says, appearance is more important than sense of facts! I think for that reason, many celebrity do not drive G-Wagon for very long time.
Here is a small list of celebrities who are driving G-Wagon;
Ashley Tisdale
Audrina Patridge
Beau Dunn
Hilary Duff
Jennifer Garner
Megan Fox
Nicole Richie
Renee Zellweger

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Mercedes McLaren SLR Stirling Moss Edition:The best and most forgotten

Sicily, where the Mediterranean sea meets with pure enjoyment of sun light. A great place to spend your holiday and experience Italian food. You will be forgetting daily stresses and refresh yourself.
However, Sicily is not a place to eat and swim! Sicily is the place for racing :) From 1927 to 1957, Sicily held Mille Miglia open road racing. What is Mille Miglia? It means thousands miles racing through the road Sicily. This is not a ordinary race with safety cars and thousands of cameras catching every single point. This race was drawing the between best and worst. Drivers, cars, team everyone was under heavy stress to finish this impossible race in public roads. As they push harder with drum brakes cars, they came closer to see their life like a movie! As you can expect, the cars racing at those years did not have sophisticated safety technologies like now. Actually, racing in Mille Miglia was racing with yourself!
In 1955, Stirling Moss and Dennis Jenkinson with Mercedes 300SLR finished this 1597 km dangerous race in just 10 hours, 7 minutes and 48 seconds and average of 157 kilometres per hour. Basically, they achieved a record which cannot be achieved now, I think so! in 1955, driving at the average of 157 km/h is totally unbelievable. There was not ABS, traction control, carbon fibre or anything else; they had only their senses.
Hopefully; before the contemporary SLR’s production stops, Mercedes McLaren produced SLR Stirling Moss Limited Edition. Unfortunately, senseless SLS AMG’s PR campaigns shadowed the only SLR worth to buy!
This car is a combination of past and the future. In every single detail, you can see bits from the original 300 SLR and modern racing technology. This kind of integration between past and present cannot be achieved very easily. It could end up either too present or too past. But this did not happen with this SLR.
Probably in future, this SLR will be one people be paying huge amount money during the auctions. Sorry but the normal SLR will stay normal. And if you ever visit Sicily, don’t forget remember the Mille Miglia.
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Mercedes SLS AMG with a DVD Changer

Mercedes SLS AMG, the most important thing for Mercedes nowadays. There is nothing more important than the SLS, in every country Mercedes is doing a PR campaign, special events, social networking activities and many things!
As I mentioned earlier, I never liked the McLaren Mercedes SLR or SLS AMG. My all time favourite is CLK GTR! These models are just replicas of 300SLR and very bad replicas. Actually I am not writing these to complain about SLS’s terrific design. I am writing this to highlight a super ultra pointless features of SLS AMG.
A car which is delivering more than 570 horsepower with double clutch transmission and reaching one hundred kilometers less than four seconds does not have standard ceramic brakes, in terms of Mercedes C-BRAKE! Wake up Mercedes, this is a not a diesel E Class, you are trying to compete with Ferrari, Lamborghini and other super car brands. And you are not offering ceramic brake as standard! Mercedes claims, SLS AMG has a very short braking distance! Really? I guess, if you buy the ceramic brakes it will have a very short braking distance.
I know cost is very important for manufacturing but your are not manufacturing A Class or something like that. Mercedes is asking huge amount money for something which does not have a proper brakes! But you will have something which is extremely important, extremely vital! A DVD changer :) Yes, you will the most stupid feature in one most of the most expensive car on earth, a DVD changer.
This means SLS AMG is so boring that, you have to have a DVD “changer”, one DVD is not enough, so that you will find something more interesting the SLS AMG :) On the other hand, due to safety you cannot watch DVD while driving. So what are you going to do with that pointless machine !?!
None of the Mercedes PR activities, I did not hear any word called aluminium! This car is the first mass product aluminium Mercedes and they don’t say it anywhere! Why? Should people find out?
And lastly, this car can only rev up to 6800 rpm! Hello! Ferrari 458 can climb up to 9000 rpm, this is the super car market. You must rev more! Mercedes A Class can rev up to 6800 rpm. So what is the point of placing a rev meter which is showing 9000 rpm :)
Again, Mercedes thought about a super car and ruined by passion :) Honestly, I would definitely buy a Ferrari 458 or Porsche 911 Turbo S or Lamborghini Gallardo instead of SLS AMG.

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