The Apple MacBook Air

Born in 2007. It was the reaction to the world of netbooks. Netbooks were a disaster but they were so cheap that we loved and consumed them. However, the MacBook Air didn’t give up, it got better and better. Lighter and lighter. Once I had an 11-inch MacBook Air and it was amazing. I was really happy with it. However, the non-Retina display was destroying everything.

Nowadays, MacBook Air is only available with a 13-inch display and weighs as same as the new MacBook Pro. However, the Air sells really well! Yes, people still buy a non-Retina Mac. I don’t know why but they do. It feels like using an iPhone 3GS. The non-Retina experience is heart-breaking. Also, the Air offers the longest battery performance.

I was expecting the MacBook Air to have vanished from the Apple’s website but Apple still keeps it. I mean the Air is on life support, but it received a new CPU which is keeping it alive.

I think the new iPhone 5 is the Macbook Air. Nothing can destroy it.

Macbook Air Macbook Air

Macbook Air

Photo credits / Apple


Apple iPhone 6s Charger Review

My review of the Apple iPhone 6s charger—you should buy one. This charger is a milestone for Apple; for the first time they officially admit that their battery performance is not that great. Basically, an iPhone is thirstier than a Porsche Cayenne Turbo.

The unstoppable desire to use our iPhones all the time has resulted in the emergence of the iPhone battery case business. As you would expect, most of them are plastic and literally ugly. Even the pretty ones were not cool and were ruining the iPhone’s design experience. In addition, they were making your iPhone the most un-ergonomic device on planet.

As Apple was losing market share from the battery case, and they couldn’t find a better solution, they decided to release the iPhone 6s battery case, and it is amazing.

It does look a bit awkward, but the bump of the case fits your palm perfectly. You have the lighting connector at the bottom of the case. It is very easy to flip in and out of your iPhone. IOS integration of the case shows the existing battery level (Case has an 1875 mAh battery). It does not make your iPhone very heavy, and lastly, it does look cool and fashionable. Unlike other brands, Apple managed to make a good looking battery case, and that’s why I was excited to own one.

If you need more battery power, go buy one.

iPhone 6s Charger iPhone 6s Charger iPhone 6s Charger iPhone 6s Charger


Worth to Buy an Apple Watch?

Worth to buy an Apple Watch? Many people are asking me this question all the time. Because, I own an Apple Watch. Many people are wondering does the new gadget of Apple worth the price? Is it really functional? Does it change your life? And lots of questions are coming. I guess Apple heard these questions and revealed new YouTube videos for the Apple Watch.

And for the Dating video, Apple Watch Gold Edition will definitely find you a date! Tested and certified.

Does Apple Watch worth to buy? Depends on you!

Photo Credit | Apple


What is Special About The Apple Watch Hermes Edition?

During the Apple Event a few days ago, they unleashed a special edition of the Apple Watch, which won’t be welcomed by Apple geeks, and some fashionistas may be horrified by it. It is Apple Watch Hermès, and it will probably be the first and last orange coloured box offered by Apple.

So, what is special about the Hermès edition of Apple Watch? Does it change anything concerning your Apple Watch experience, or does it offer something else? Why we are bothered with this over-priced Apple Watch?

First, Hermès is one of the oldest luxury fashion brands from France. It was founded in 1837 and six generations of commitment to exquisite quality of production and unique design philosophy have positioned Hermès into a unique place in the fashion world. Hermès leather manufacturing process has not changed much since the company began, and this is a total contradiction with Apple.

Apple is innovative, and Hermès is traditional!

However, they can benefit from each other. Apple is becoming a luxury tech brand, and without adequate heritage, it is challenging to establish a new brand against well-established luxury fashion brands. Apple needs the traction from Hermès or others.

On the other hand, Hermès wants to capture the digital market space of fashion, but they are too traditional. Moreover, they need a brand that can pump digital fuel into their system without developing new and out-dated gadgets. And that’s Apple! Essentially, the Apple Watch Hermès edition is the beginning of Apple and luxury fashion brand collaboration.

The Hermès edition price is starting from $1100 (I was expecting $11000), and this makes it cheap compared to the Gold edition. Also, it is a bit more expensive than the standard models. This ensures that the Hermès edition is not super expensive or pointless. More precisely, this edition turns the Apple Watch edition into a really cool fashion item.

Personally, I would not buy the Apple Watch edition, as the Hermès edition is available! Why? Hermès is a unique brand and their leather craftsmanship is well respected. Apple makes great high-tech products; the combination of these two different approaches makes the Hermès edition the best Apple Watch edition.

It won’t be a poser item. Because it is really hard to identify the Hermès edition unlike the Gold edition. So, if you were thinking that the Apple Watch is too muscular, the Hermès edition will change your perception! Any women reading this article and planning to buy an Apple Watch should go for the Hermès. That would be great investment to add to your Chanel bag.

Apple Watch Hermes Apple Watch Hermes Apple Watch Hermes Apple Watch Hermes
Photo Credits | Apple


Apple Maps Vans in Birmingham, England

Apple Maps vans in Birmingham, England. You may have noticed Apple vans on the news. They are out scanning the roads and paths of the whole of the UK for Apple Maps to generate street view feature. Basically, when these Apple Maps vans finish their job, you will be able to go around most of the cities of the UK, the USA and the EU. It is the same concept as Google Street View.

In addition, these vans will improve the Apple Maps, which does have a very bad reputation in terms of accuracy. When Apple Maps was first revealed, searching for London will end up with you in Canada instead of in England!

Anyway, what I want to share today is that I spotted one of these vans in Birmingham city centre in England. It was a total surprise and very many other people noticed the vehicle as well. Actually, it is really hard to avoid the Mercedes-Benz Vito van with its Apple Maps stickers and laser scanners, cameras and other measurement sensors.

So it was something that was quite exciting for me.

Apple Maps Mercedes Van Birmingham Apple Maps Mercedes Van Birmingham Apple Maps Mercedes Van Birmingham Apple Maps Mercedes Van Birmingham Apple Maps Mercedes Van Birmingham Apple Maps Mercedes Van Birmingham Apple Maps Mercedes Van Birmingham


If It’s Not an iPhone?

Apple finally decided to make a short video to explain the unique characteristics of iPhone. How the hardware and software designed to work flawless between each other. If it’s not an iPhone, it’s not an iPhone!


What You Can Buy with the Apple Pay in UK?

What you can buy with the Apple Pay in UK? According to the leaked news, Apple Pay will be available to use on 14th July in UK. As the date is approaching more details are surfaced, such as the Apple Pay supported retailers.

Here is the list of the UK brands, where you can use your Apple Pay system: Boots, BP, Costa Coffee, KFC, M&S, McDonald’s, Nando’s, New Look, Pret A Manger and of course Apple Stores.

So what you can buy with Apple Pay in UK? Here is the answer;

You can buy St.Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion from Boots, fuel from BP (First you need a car for the fuel), a lovely small size coffee latte from Costa Coffee, a very healthy Streetwise Lunch Box from KFC, a quite boring Notch Lapel Showerproof Trench Coat from Marks & Spencer, %100 beef Big Mac from Mc Donald’s, chicken wings from Nando’s, a very sexy Animal Print Peep Toe Metal Panel Heels from the New Look, %100 organic coffee from Pret A Manger and an Apple Watch Edition from Apple Store.

Literally when you use your Apple Pay, you will be wearing a fake tane whilst buying petrol from BP and drinking a coffee late from Costa Coffee after eating the Lunch Box from KFC inside a Notch Lapel Showerproof Trench Coat from Marks & Spencer, in the mean while you will be heading to Mc Donald’s for a Big Mac and chicken wings treat at Nando’s, you will also strive for an organic coffee from Pret a Manger and during all this time you will be wearing an animal print high heels from New Look and checking the time from your Apple Watch.

Enjoy :)

Photo Credit | Apple, Marks & Spencer, New Look, St Tropez Tan


What Can You Do With Your iPhone 6’s Camera?

What can you do with your iPhone 6’s camera? That’s the question Apple is forcing you to ask! Why? The main reason is that the iPhone 6S and the 6S Plus are arriving in September, and Apple wants to keep sales high until the new model arrives.

As in previous years, Apple has released videos taken by the iPhone 6 camera and has tried to indicate what you can do with your camera apart from taking selfies!

Based on my experience, it is not easy totake videos like this if you don’t have much knowledge of videoing!


Apple USB Folding Charger

Apple USB folding charger, but only for the UK! If you have a UK plug charger, you might be sympathetic to our plight. The massive three pin system definitely increases safety but at the same time, makes it really hard to carry any cable or charger.

Apple, at their innovation pinnacle, realised that UK plugs are massive, they needed to do something and that it should be inexpensive. So they’ve come up with the idea of folding pins. However, it is only a 5W charger and probably won’t be able to charge your iPad. Despite this drawback, it is an amazing charger with a very smart design. All those massive pins disappear with just a finger of movement.

Unfortunately this experience will set you back £25! The cost of the mechanism is apparently £10!
Apple USB Foldable Charger


Interesting Facts of Apple’s Press Conferences (Incredible, Amazing, Gorgeous, Beautiful)

Have you ever wondered what is the secret of the Apple’s press conferences? Or what is the common notion on each event or do they use some technics? If you google these words, you will end up with useless websites with videos made by Windows Movie Maker.

However, I recently saw this collage video at Apple’s discussion forum and it was edited to highlight the most common words that are mentioned during the Apple’s press conferences. You may consider it as the interest facts of the Apple’s press conference :)

Incredible, Amazing, Gorgeous, Beautiful!